Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


7. Going to Bournemouth

"Jenna. Jenna wake up." I heard someone say.


I opened my eyes slowly to reveal Zayn leaning over me, shaking my shoulder slightly. He must have gotten up earlier because I was leaning on a pillow with a blanket over me.


 "Wha?" I asked in a sleepy voice.


 "You fell asleep." He said while starting a little smile.


 "How long have I been out?" I asked him.


"Not very long, just a few hours. It's 10:30." He said while sitting down next to me.


"Oh shizz, I must have fallen asleep." I said while moving the blanket off me.


 "Did you just say, shizz?" He asked me confused.


"Little thing me and Lexi do. We say shizz, fudge, other weird things." I said with a huge yawn forming.


"Your a freak." He said while stifling a little laugh.


"Yeah, but I'm your freak." I said with a smile while sitting up.


"You know, it's not to late things." Zayn said with a devilish smile.


Ah, but just what kind if things master Zayn?" I asked him.


"You just ruined it." He said putting his smile away.


 "Aw babe, I'm sorry. Would it make you feel better if I were to do....... This?" I asked him while sliding one of my legs over his so I was sitting on him. But he just sat there and stared at me.


"What about this?" I asked while putting my hands on his chest and kissing his neck, leading my mouth to his. He started kissing me back and I could feel him smile through it.


"This definitely works." He said through the kiss.


We sat there making out for a few seconds before he grabbed my butt, and lifted me off the couch. He held me in his arms while I continued to kiss his neck and run my hands along his chest. He brought me into my room and shut the door behind him with his foot. Then he brought me to my bed and layed me down, crawling between my legs and kissing me again. He started pulling off his shirt, only breaking the kiss to lift his shirt all the way off before throwing it across the room. I reached my hands down to his pants and I started undoing his belt buckle and he finished it for me while I lifted my shirt off. When that had been done, he slid my shorts right off me leaving both of us almost nude. He pulled off his underwear, followed by mine, and I'll just let your imagination figure the rest.


It makes your Lips, so Kissable


And your Kiss, Unmissable


Your Fingertips, so Touchable


And your Eyes, Irresistible




Rolling around, that's what I do in the morning. Except that this time, I was squeezed when I tried to roll. I slowly opened my eyes, letting the light sink in without it hurting. I twisted around, only to have my head land on a bare, tan, chest.


"Morning." I heard him say.


 "Good morning Zayn." I said while stretching my arms above my head.


 "I could go for a shower right now." I said while looking under the blankets, only to see mine, and Zayn's nude body's.


 "I'll take one after." He said while letting go of me and sitting up.


"What are you going to be doing in the mean time?" I asked him while sitting up myself.


"Making breakfast." He said.


 I watched as he slowly picked himself up and walked over to where his underwear where lying on the ground. He picked them up and slid them on his legs, then pulled them up before combing back over to the bed and leaning over me just before giving me a kiss on my forehead.


"I'll be out soon." I told him while getting out if bed myself. I walked over to my door and grabbed my bathrobe, put it on an tied it, and then a towel and opened the door to see Lexi standing there looking stunned with her hand in the air in a knocking position.


 "I was just about to wake you." She said while putting her hand down.


 "I'm up. Why were you going to wake me?" I asked her while hanging the towel over one of my arms.


 "I wanted to know if you wanted anything for breakfast." She told me while growing a smile.


"That's okay, I think Zayn is going to make some." I said while walking out with Zayn coming up behind me.


"Morning." He said to Lexi.


 "Good morning Zayn. Are you going to make breakfast?" She asked him curiously.


 "I was planning on it." He said while putting his hand on my lower back.


 "I'm gonna go shower." I said while starting to walk away while their voices faded down the hallway. I walked to the washroom and put my towel on the rack, just before turning the water on to let it heat up. After a few seconds I got to the temperature I wanted and switched the non to make it turn to a shower. I untied the robe and hung it up right before I stepped into the shower. I'm not really sure how long my shower was. Maybe somewhere around a half hour to 45 minutes? I have no idea, all I know is that I drifted off into my own thoughts. But when I got back to my room, Zayn was sitting on my bed, and on the desk there was two trays of food.


 "I made waffles and bacon." He said while pointing to the trays.


"And it looks like orange juice with some fresh fruits too." I said while walking over to it.


"Yeah, I thought it might have made the breakfast all the better." He said while standing up.


 "Well I have to get dressed." I told him while walking over to my dresser.


 I pulled out a pair of a light pair of high waisted denim shorts and a Beatles T-shirt that hung a little below the waist of the jeans. I put some underwear and a bra on right before slipping on the outfit. Then I headed over to the desk where Zayn was waiting with the food.


 "Here you go." He said while sliding a tray over to me.


"Thanks." I said while picking up a fork.


I took a bite of the waffles, followed by some fruit, bacon, and juice. And when I was finished, Zayn had only eaten half of his.


"Hungry babe?" He asked me while looking at my tray.


"Very. And it was delicious. Thank you." I told him while picking up the tray.


"I'm gonna go run this down stairs. Be back up in a bit." I said while walking out the door.


I walked down the steps and into the kitchen to see Lexi lying on the floor. I set the tray down on the counter and slowly walked up to her, she was breathing really fast and her face was all red.


 "Lexi?" I asked while bending down. She let out a giant thing of air right before sucking some more in and letting out a huge laugh. "I thought you were dying!" I said while playfully smacking her arm.


"I'm. So. Sorry." She said I to between gasps of air.


"Why are you laughing so hard?" I asked her.


"Harry sent me a really funny text message." She said while putting her phone to my face. It consisted of a picture of all the boys kissing their girlfriends and Harry at the bottom, kissing a Harry Potter poster of Emma Watson, with a caption saying, "Damn, who's a sexy poster."


"That is kind of hilarious I have to admit." I said while letting oFf a little laugh.


"I know right? Oh I'll take those." She said while standing up and walking behind me.


I turned around to see Zayn holding his tray. Lexi took it out of his and and then to the table where I had set mine down. She looked over at us and smiled.


"Go on you two. Have fun ill take care of these." She said.


 "Thanks Lexi. I'll see you later." I told her as Zayn grabbed my hand and led me to the front room.


"Do you want to go back to my flat so I can take a shower, and then we'll go out and do something?" He asked me while I sat down to get my shoes on.


"Sure." I said while picking one up.


 "I'm just gonna run upstairs and get my shirt. Be back in a sec." He said then kissed my cheek and jogged back up the stairs.


 Meanwhile, I put my shoes on and walked over to the downstairs bathroom. I put my hair in a bun with a braid for my bangs that looped down a little bit before being tucked away with the 'princess bun' I put it in. After, I walked back out into the living room to see Zayn getting his shoes on.


"Ready?" He asked while toeing his show and then standing up.


"Let's go." I said while walking over to the table by the door and grabbing my bag and phone.


After driving to Zayn's house, he left me in the front room while he went to take a shower. I was fiddling around with all the stuff in there, just wondering what I was going to do. When nothing came to mind, I just have up and sat on his couch until he got out of the shower.


"Hello love." He said once he came out of his room fully clothed.


"Hello." I said while still sitting down.


"Any ideas on what you would like to do today?" He asked me while coming over to sit down with me.


"I was thinking the beach." I said while looking at him hoping to see a good reaction.


"I usually go to Bournemouth, but it's about 2 hours away." He said while looking content.


 "Maybe we could go there, get a hotel room and stay for a night. I'll help pay." I said hopefully.


 "Yeah. That sounds like fun. Do you want to invite Lexi and the lads?" He asked me.


"Yeah. Perfect. I'll go call Lexi." I told him while standing up. I got my phone out of my bag and dialed Lexi's number.




"Lexi. Hi it's Jenna. Me and Zayn were talking, were going to Bournemouth for a day or two, and we wanted to know if you wanted to come with us. We're also bringing the boys." I said to the phone.


"Yeah that sounds great. I'll start packing. Bye see you later." She said before hanging up the phone.


"Is she coming?" Zayn asked once I had put the phone in my pocket.


"Yeah, she's packing." I told him.


 "Well the mates are also packing. They said that they're meet us here with Lexi in about an hour." He said while starting to walk up to his room.


"I have to go pack myself." I said while starting for the door.


 "Be back soon. Remember, an hour." He said while blowing me a kiss.




"What to bring what to bring." I mumbled to myself while looking through my dresser.


A bathing suit, I grabbed my black bikini that had some light pink flowers and some sunglasses. What should I wear? I started digging through my closet and found some black tights, and a pink floral top and a black tank top to go under it. I grabbed some light brownish fan shorts and a creamy colored lace shirt the hung off my neck. I also grabbed some sweats and a graphic T to sleep in. I packed it all in a backpack and went downstairs to find Lexi.


 "Are you done packing?" I asked once I found her.


"What? Oh. Yeah, I'll be at Zayn's in about 30 to 45 minutes." She said while looking at her phone.


 "Okay, see you soon." I said before heading off to Zayn's.




"Is everybody ready to go?" Liam asked when everyone had say down somewhere in Zayn's front room.


"Yeah." We all said at once.


"Then we should get going, but first we have to sort out who's going with who." He said.


 "I'll drive Jenna." Zayn said almost right after Liam had finished talking.


"I'll drive Lexi." Harry said while glancing at Lexi for a short moment and looked away once she started to blush.


 "And I'll drive Niall." Louis said.


"Mind if I go with one of you?" Liam asked.


 "You can come with us." Louis told him.


"Okay then, I guess we'd better get going." Liam said while standing up.


Once everybody had gotten in their cars and started to drive, Zayn turned on the radio and Daylight by Maroon5 started playing.


"I love this song!" I said while lip syncing to it.


"Then sing to it." He said while glancing over at me for a brief second before returning his eyes back to the road.


 "Urrrr, I'm okay." I said while putting my hands between my legs.


 "Oh come on!" He said while laughing. "I'll bet your an amazing singer."


"Okay, but you have to turn up the volume to where you won't be able to hear me." I told him while laughing. "I'm pretty sure I sound like a dying whale when I sing."


"Fine." He said while putting his fingers on the volume and turning it up.


 I tried talking to him, but the volume was so loud that I could just barley hear my voice.


"When the daylight comes I'm gonna have to let you go, cuz tonight I'm gonna hold you so close..." I sang along to the song.


 I heard a noise coming from beside me and I looked over to see Zayn also singing to the song. I turned the volume down and listened. Oh how I loved that voice, the voice that I would fall asleep to at night, the voice that would calm me down when I was angry or depressed, the voice that would make me happy of I wasn't feeling too well.......

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