Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


5. Dancing

"Zayn!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.


 "What?" He laughed.


 "Don't EVER do that again!" I said while running my fingers through my hair and pulling out the soap he had just thrown in it.


"Now I have to take another shower." I pouted.


"I'll take it with you, that way you won't be alone.." He said with a handsome devilish smile.


 "I don't know about that Mr. Momma always told me not to talk to strangers let alone get in the shower with them." I said trying to keep my laugh inside.


 "I'll give you some candy." He said.


 "I don't know." I said while twisting around.


 "How about a puppy?" He asked.


 "That's better." I said.


"So is it a deal?" He asked.


"Fine! It's a deal." I said with a huge sigh. "But you owe me." I said.


"Okay." He said with a cheeky smile.


I ran out of the kitchen and around the corner to the stairs. I laughed while running up them and didn't place my foot correctly. "Agh!" I screamed as I fell down a few steps.


 "Jenna. Are. You. Okay?" Zayn could barely ask because he was laughing so hard.


I started to laugh with him, because honestly, it was hilarious. I fell down the stairs at LEAST 3 times a day.


 "I'm fine." I managed to say as I got up and ran the rest of the way to the bathroom.


I walked in and tried to hide behind the door, but Zayn was right behind me the whole time.


 "Ahah!" He yelled once he pulled the door away from and grabbed my sides.


I screamed even though I knew it was coming and I started laughing afterward.


"How do you manage to get scared when you knew I was right behind you?" He asked while still holding on to me.


 "I have no idea." I said while laughing.


 "Are you going to let me turn on the water?" I asked him after a while of him holding me.


"Sorry." He said while letting go.


I went over to the shower and turned the water on. I turned around to see that Zayn was only standing in his boxers.


 "Your turn." He said while a goofy smile.


I pulled the shirt off my head to where I was standing in only my bra and underwear also.


"Your turn." I said while giggling.


"Haha." He said. He pulled down his boxers to wear he was standing completely naked in front of me. He walked towards me and grabbed my waist. Just when I thought he was going to kiss me, he brought his hands to the back of my bra and unhooked it.


"Agh! Very funny." I said while pulling it off.


I pulled my panties off and got into the shower with Zayn right behind me.


"Now can I have that kiss?" I asked.


 He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips and pulled away.


"Very funny." I said and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down again.


I kissed him and he kissed back, passionately. He wrapped his hands against my waist and pulled me up onto the wall of the shower.


"Not in the shower." I giggled.


 "Ugh." He said with a smile and let go of me.


"Your just going to have to wait until later." I laughed.


"Or I could just wait until now." He said while grabbing me.


 He carried me to the bedroom naked and the shower was still running. I was laughing the while time because we were both completely naked. He later me down on the bed and climbed on top of me.


"Zayn." I giggled.


 "What." He said while kissing me all over my body.


"Wait!" I said.


"For what?" He asked.


 "Arn't you forgetting something?" I asked him while giggling.


"Ugh!" He said. "Oh well, kissing never hurt anybody.


 He went back to kissing me and he reached my neck, just above my shoulder, also known as my weak spot. A little moan escaped my lips and I could feel him smiling. He went right back to that spot, and all around it, while kissing it. He was leading his way up to my jaw when we heard a door open.


"Shit." I said. "Lexi."


Zayn hopped back off me and I stood up and ran to the bathroom, Zayn right behind me. I climbed back into the shower with Zayn and we acted as if nothing had happened. We heard Lexi coming up the stairs and stop just outside the door.


"Jenna?" She asked.


 "Yeah?" I answered.


"Just making sure you were in there." She said.


 But as she was saying that Zayn had grabbed me and pulled me back to him, and planted his lips on my weak spot. Just as Lexi finished a little moan escaped my mouth.


"Sorry. I didn't realize Zayn was in there with you." She said and I heard her walking away.


 "Zayn!" I said.


"What?" He asked in a sarcastic way.


I gave him a playful little punch and he just smiled at me.


"I need to wash my hair." I said while grabbing the shampoo bottle and putting some in my hand. I washed and rinsed my hair and redid that with the conditioner.


"You look like a lost puppy." I said while staring at Zayn.


"That's because I have nothing to wash my hair with." He said.


"You could use my shampoo if you wanted a girls scent." I said while laughing.


 "You know what? I will." He said while grabbing the shampoo bottle.


He washed his hair and I turned off the water as he finished. We both grabbed a towel, I wrapped it around my body and he wrapped his around his waist. We both walked back to my room with our clothes in our hands. Zayn got dressed very quickly while I was still searching.


 "I don't know what to wear." I said with a pouty face.


"Want some help?" He asked.


"Sure." I said. He walked over to my closet and pulled out some white jeggings and a black tank top, followed by my red and white baseball/varsity jacket.


"Very cute." I said while walking over to my dresser.


 I pulled out a bra and some matching panties and put them on followed by the clothes that Zayn had picked out.


 "There. Now we match." He said.


"I'm loving the outfit." Lexi said as we came downstairs.


 "Zayn chose it." I said.


 "Yup." He said popping the 'p' sound.


"Anyway. Harry called, he wants to meet up, all of us." Lexi said.


"Where and when?" Zayn asked.


"Umm, around 4 and I think he said at his place." Lexi said.


"Okay." Zayn said grabbing my hand. "That gives us plenty of time."


"Zayn where are we going?" I asked as he dragged me out to his car.


"Somewhere." He said.


"Not this again. Can you please just tell me this time?" I whined.


 "We're going to a dance studio."


"Why?" I asked.


"Lexi said you can dance, and I'd like to see it." He said while driving.


"Thanks but we don't have to go to a studio." I said.


"Yeah, but it gives you more room." He said with a smile.


"Is anybody else going to be there?" I asked.


"Just you me and the boys." He said.


 "I thought we were meeting up with them later?" I asked him confused.


"We made these plans yesterday though so here we are." He said pulling up to the studio. I already saw the other boys cars out there.


 "Why do I have to dance for you though?"


"Because Liam wanted to see if it were true. He knows people you know." Zayn said.

"You realize that Lexi was lying at me being able to dance." I said while laughing.


 "I don't think she was, I just think your self consciousness about your dancing." He said.


"And why do you think this?" I asked him.


 "Because that night we met, you danced a little, all you did was shake your hips and move around a little, but the way you shook your hips told me you could." He said.


"Zayn." I said quietly. I could feel my cheeks start to burn up and I knew I was blushing.


"Aww." Zayn said.


I gave him a little playful punch, for the second time today. Zayn led me into the studio and when we walked in, there was music blaring and we could see the boys dancing, or at least trying to dance through the windows. I just sat there laughing while Zayn watched them. It was hilarious really because they were just thrusting their hips and snapping their fingers to c'mon.


 "I know this dance..." I said while thinking. "Yeah, I've been watching you all night.." I started to sing while dancing.


 "Jenna, do you know this because Niall took a video of Lou, Liam, and Harry dancing to this song, exactly like this?" He asked while laughing.


 "Oh shut up." I said while giggling.


"Now I know for sure that you are one big Directioner." Zayn said while laughing.


 "Jenna!" Louis screamed.


 "Uh oh, he spotted us." I said while laughing.


All the other boys stopped dancing and turned around to face us. Niall and Harry's face turned a bright red while Liam stood further back laughing. And Louis, well louis just waved at us. I walked into the room they were dancing in and Liam turned off the music.


 "What happened to meeting up at Harry's place?" I asked.


"We wanted to see you dance." Harry said.


"Okay." I said. I walked into the room and started doing the Macarena.


 All the boys just sat there and laughed at me.


 "There." I said. "I danced."


"Your not getting away with that." Louis said with a smile.


 "Why do I have to dance!" I whined.


"Because Lexi said that you could and we want to see if its true." Louis said.


 "I've never actually danced in front of anybody though." I said.


"Then how does Lexi know you can dance?" Niall asked.


 "She's walked in on me, set up video cameras, and forced me to dance." I said.


"She sounds like a Phsyco stalker if you ask me." Niall said.


 "Yeah, but it's only because she walked in on me and I refused to dance for her again." I said.


"Well could you dance for us?" Liam asked.


 "I guess it wouldn't hurt anybody." I said.


"there we go." Harry said with a smile.


"What do you want to dance to?" Liam asked walking over to the iPhone dock.


"Umm, do you have DJ got us falling in love again?" I asked.


 "Of course." He said going through his music.


He turned the song on and paused it so I could get ready. I threw my jacket across the room leaving me in just the tank top and pants. I breathed deeply a few times and decided that I would dance.


"Okay." I said.


"Ready?" Liam asked.


 "Ready I said."


Liam turned the music on and since I actually came up with a routine for this song, my body started moving naturally. My hips moved and my arms popped, my legs jerked and before I knew it the song was over and a new one was playing. The new song was slow and I had stopped dancing, I looked up and all the boys were staring at me.


 "You can't dance huh?" Zayn asked me.


 "Did you come up with that dance?" Harry asked me his eyes wide.


"What was that!?" Louis screamed.


 "Haha, a yes and I don't really know." I said while looking at me feet.


"Jenna that was amazing! I have to introduce you to Danielle." Liam said.


 "She could probably get you a career off that!" Niall put in.


"You have something special, your dancing is absolutely incredible." Zayn said.


 "Can you twerk?!" Louis yelled.


 "Louis! I am not going to twerk for you guys!" I almost shouted.


 "So you can!" He yelled.


"That's not what I-, nevermind!" I said with a smile.


"Do you think you could teach us a few things?" Harry asked.


"Umm, I've never taught anybody before, but I guess I could try?" I asked.


 "Brilliant!" Louis said.


 "Ahem." I said.


All the boys said, "what?" At exactly the same time.


"I'd like to think of it as brilliam." I said.


"Oh god." Liam said. "Are you one of those directioners?" He asked.


"I was just kidding around." I said while laughing.

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