Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


3. A walk in the park

The London eye was absolutely beautiful. And that night, was kind of magical. I mean, we didn't do anything but kiss, but the way the night was lit up with those lights, just made it seem magical.


 The night sped by pretty fast, and before I knew it, I was waking up in my bed.


The light hurt my eyes at first, but they seemed to adjust just fine. My curtains were pushed to the side and my window was open to let the warm breeze in my room. I was wearing a shirt and my panties, and that was pretty much it. I flipped the covers off my body and sat up in the bed. I scratched my hair and stood up, walked to the bathroom and turned the water on. I brushed out my hair while I was waiting for the water to heat up, and I got completely undressed. I stepped into the shower and let the water fall down my back. You could see the steam as it went above the shower and out. I dipped my hair back and let the water get it completely wet before I washed it. I washed my body and shaved my legs, and turned the water off. I grabbed the towel from the wall, and dried off my hair and body. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom, I walked down the hall to my bedroom and when I got in there, I headed to my dresser.


 I pulled out a creamy white dress with light pink flowers. It was a cute little summer dress with small sleeves and only went right above my knees. I put on a pair of white flats, grabbed My phone and walked downstairs. Lexi was in the kitchen checking her phone And eating what looked like a mess of waffles.


"Morning." I said opening the fridge.


"Morning." She said through a mouth full of food.


"Lexi, didn't anybody teach you not to talk with your mouth full?" I asked in a sarcastic way while leaning on one foot and staring at her.


 "Oh haha very funny." She said looking back down at her phone.


 " I'm going to head out with Hannah later. We're gonna go out for lunch, you can come if you like?" She said ending her sentence like a question.


 "No that's fine. But tell Hannah I said hi and lots of love." I said while grabbing a tupaware of fruit.


 Lexi got up, placed her play in the dishwasher and grabbed her purse.


 "Okay see you later Jenna." She said while walking out of the kitchen.


I heard her heels click the hard wood floor down the hallway and listened to her open the door and close it behind her. I ate some of the fruit and placed it back in the fridge, then went back upstairs to finish my hair and do my makeup.


I decided to curl my hair and put on a light shimmery white and some mascara on. My curls fell down in waves and curled at the bottom. I twirled around the mirror once, then grabbed my phone and walked out of the bathroom. Today seemed like a pretty perfect day to go out for a walk in the park. It was nice, warm, and sunny and the sky had few clouds. I was just walking out when I received a text from Zayn asking what I was doing. I replied saying "going for a walk in the park" when he called me.


"Hello. So your going for a walk?" He asked me.


 "Yeah, it just seemed like the perfect day to." I said while walking to my car.


 "Sounds like fun, mind if I join you? You fell asleep last night pretty fast so I left without saying goodbye..." He said into the phone.


 "Yeah, you can join. As long as you like long romantic walks with a girl." I joked.


 "Yeah, totally into that kind of stuff." He said like a "manly man". "But anyway, I'd love to go for a walk. I'll meet you at the park?" He asked.


"Yeah see you there. Bye Zayn see you soon."


"See you soon." He said into the other line right before I hung up.


 I got into my car and drove down to the park. I saw Zayn standing next to his bentley next to an empty parking space. I pulled in and parked the car. I got out and walked over to Zayn.


"Ready for that walk?" He asked my holding out his hand. I smiled,




We walked hand in hand onto the little pathway that led through the park. There were plenty of trees, but the light from the sun shone through them leaving leaf like shadows all over the ground with spots of sunlight.

"Jenna?" Zayn asked me.


 "Yeah? What's up?" I looked up and asked him.


" I was wondering if you would like to meet the boys?"

 "Zayn, that would be the most amazing thing ever!" I said getting really excited.


"I'm glad you like the idea." He said while laughing.


"I don't think I've told you this but....." I said while smiling and turning my head to face the ground.


 "But?" He asked me.


 "I'm like, a huge Directioner. All my friends are too." I said while blushing.


"I hope that I'm your favorite, and you weren't just using me to get closer to one of the boys." He said while laughing.


"Oh." I said trying to sound serious.


 "Oh? What oh? Jenna! Are you using me?" He said while letting go of my hand.


"Zayn I was just joking!" I said while trying to grab his hand back.


 "I'm sorry. But you're going to have to prove it!" He said while tugging his hand away from mine.


 Even though he looked upset, I could see a glimmer of happiness in his eyes. He knew I was joking.


 "Ugh! Really?" I asked him trying to sound disgusted.'


 "Yes." He said. I smiled and jumped up to him, put my arms around his neck and pulled his head to mine.


He smashed my lips on his and instantly he started going with the kiss. I could feel his smile through mine and I knew that he was enjoying this. I pulled away and looked him in the eyes.


"Now can I have your hand back?" I asked him with a sad look.


" I guess." He said pushing his hand out towards mine. I grabbed it and our fingers twined together.


 "Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me.." Zayn started to sing.


 "Zayn! Please don't do that! This is all so fake! And your just going to make me cry." I said while looking at the ground.

 "How is this fake?" He asked me his voice serious.


 "This only happens in fairy tales. I'm just an ordinary girl and you, you are the, THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. It's all so..... So fake." I said while looking down at my feet.


"Jenna, this isn't fake. That night at the club, what happened with Perrie, I think this was all planed. From day one. I knew that Perrie never truly loved me, she tried to convince her self that, and I tried to convince myself that I loved her, but in the end, I think we just got..... Bored of each other." He stopped walking and lifted my head up to face his after saying this.


"It's just, ever since I found out about One Direction, I've been in love with you. I know everyone says that, but every night, falling asleep to your music, thinking of just one day meeting you, it seemed like a fantasy until now." I said while still looking at him.


I could feel a tear start to form in my eyes but I tried not to let it fall. It didn't work out very well because I closed my eyes and it slipped out. Zayn still had his hand holding up my jaw, and he used his thumb to wipe away the tear.


"I know what you mean. Every night I dreamed of finding this girl, my dream girl, and now, I think I've finally found her." He said while looking in my eyes.


He started to lean in and he put his forehead on mine. We stayed like that for a minute, before he pressed his lips against mine and brought me closer to him.


 "Okay, now that that walk is over with, how about. Editing the boys?" Zayn asked me sounding hopeful.


"Like right now?" I asked him.


"Right now. I'll text them and tell them to meet my at my place."


"Okay." I said while smiling.


 "Okay. Lets go meet the boys!" Zayn said while jumping up and jogging to his car.


"I'm going to drive my car!" I shouted over to him.


"Okay! Just follow me!" He yelled back.


 "Zayn, I've been to your flat! I think I know where you live!" I shouted over to him.


"Still follow me okay?" He said.


"Okay." I said.


I finally reached my car and unlocked the door. I climbed in, started the ignition and put it in reverse as soon as Zayn pulled out. I followed him to his flat and parked next to him. We both got out of our cars and met up at the steps.


 "Okay I texted them. They should be here any minute! Come on! Lets go hide you!" He said while running up the steps.


 Oh these steps. The very ones Zayn led me up the night the I met him. I followed him to his door which he had already unlocked and left wide open. I speed walked in since I had changed into heels in the car. I closed the door behind me and searched around for him.


"Zayn?" I called out.


 "I'm in the living room!" He shouted back.


I found my way to the living room and saw him rearranging the furniture.


"Sorry, I haven't cleaned up in a while." He said while fixing the pillows on his couch.


"That's fine. Where do you want to hide me?" I asked him looking around the room.


" in this closet." He said walking over to a door and opening it to reveal a large closet.


"Okay." I said while walking into it. Zayn looked out the window and faced back towards me.


 "They're here." He said with a smile right before closing the door.

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