Is he really the one ?

Rhonda and her best friend Nicole get asked to come onto the stage by Harry styles and there concert, but what happens when two guys fall for the one girl ?




My alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning, time to get up for school. I went to the bathroom to have my shower, I got changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a yellow jumper with orange strips on it that said the word 'awesome'. I went to my cupboard to get a pair of my red vans out and I put them on. I went back to the bathroom and put my hair into a high pony tail with an orange ribbon around it. I then put my mascara and eyeliner on. I'm not that type of girl to wear make up but I do need it because I'm not the prettiest girl.

After I got myself ready for school I went down stairs to find my parents fighting, this isn't an unusual thing to me since they fought every morning. I couldn't handle it anymore so I ran up to my bedroom and sat on my bed talking to my one direction posters.

Tonight I was going to their concert and I couldn't wait, I loved one direction, I was a massive fan of theirs.

It was now 8:30 so I had to get to school now, I kissed my 1D posters and headed down stairs to get into my Lamborghini, yeah you guys might be thinking what the hell is a high school student doing in a lambo? Well my mummy and daddy are both lawyers and they are really wealthy.

I drove down to school, it was my last week of year 12 before the summer break. My best friend Nicole ran up to me and started screaming, I hugged her and started jumping up and down with her because I knew she was super doopa excited for the concert tonight.

It was time to go home and Nicole came to my place so we could get ready for the concert tonight, luckily my parents weren't home because me and Nicole pumped up the One Direction album 'up all night'. Up all night started playing and Nicole and I started jumping around acting like little kids.

Nicole wore a fitted blue dress that went up to her thighs with red heels and red lipstick while I wore a white buttoned up top with a black high waisted short with black heels that had diamonds on them.

The concert started at 7 so Nicole and I left home at 5 because we knew there will be traffic.

I'm really excited I can't wait. I wonder what it's going to be like...
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