a summer with one direction

18 year old Daphne has been through alot as a child she decided to move to London with her best friends Natalie, Sammi, Dalilah, Vicky, Bella, and Kelly. with her also move in her cousin Gaby and daphnes daughter Sophie. But they dont expect her nieghbors to be her idols


1. unexpected neighbors

daphne's p.o.v
it was a typical Friday night: themed sleepover with the girls. this week: 1D well everyone exept Dalilah who wore her 'the wanted' stuff. in this household lives 9 girls Bella, Gaby, Dalilah, natalie, sammi,vicky,kelly, and my baby (sophie) and i. we all live in the same house in london, UK. we were listining to 1D while Dalilah was putting sophie to sleep. 'kiss you' came on and a smile came on natalie and my face since this was 'our song'. we have a strong 'girlmance?' like hazza and boobear ( harry and louis). we sang along then i heard a knock on the door "i'll get it!" i exclamed. i opened the door and reached out to turn the porch light on when a heavy irish accent said "dont turn it on!" it sounds familiar..... "why not?" i asked with quite some sass. "because ur a directioner." "so?" god i cant see a thing but i make out five guys i cant see their faces. "its a surprise." "wait how do you know im a directioner?" i see them look me over. god how did i forget what i was wearing?! "oh" i mutter. " wanna come over to our house?" i hear that very familiar irish voice say. " ah.... i dont live alone" i said looking back. "we know" "um ok stay here" i murmmer. i went back inside to see the girls changing into pjs. "ah some dudes want us to come to their house wanna go?" i said. " daphne how can we trust these guys?" sammi said then looked at the dancing little sophie who wasnt in bed. " i dont know. yes or no?" "sure" everyone said. " kay wait here" i whispered before goin back to the porch. "they said sure. where do you guys live?" "next door." "ok. do we need to bring anything?" "yeah a weeks worth of clothes some pjs and blanket and pillow. "everybody ready!?!?" i yelled after i had gotten everything sophie and i needed. i got answers like "almost" "be there in a bit!" etc.
**10 mins later
we left the house and knocked on the door some guy about our age answered the door in a mask "ok just this way" irish one said. we went inside i was shaking of fear. Natalie must of tensed it cause she came up to me and put an arm around me. "ok wait here.." irish one said. His voice is soo familiar. he motioned us to the couch and he went upstairs natalie sat by me "are you sure this is safe?" she said. "im pretty sure" "ok guys! close your eyes!" irish one said. we closed them. "ok open them now" he said. we did and our mouths dropped to the floor.....
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