a summer with one direction

18 year old Daphne has been through alot as a child she decided to move to London with her best friends Natalie, Sammi, Dalilah, Vicky, Bella, and Kelly. with her also move in her cousin Gaby and daphnes daughter Sophie. But they dont expect her nieghbors to be her idols


3. siblings?

Sammis pov
i noticed something about niall i didnt before. he is like me. i feel a special connection with him although its is not love. he keeps looking my way i wonder if he feels it too. "so who are your guys parents and where do you guys come from? you dont have brittish or irish accents." he asked. "uh we moved here from america." i said. "i was born in ireland though." "oh really?!" "yeah i dont know where though" i said. "who are your parents?" he asked. i told him who my dad was and his as well with the other boys mouths dropped. "what?" i asked. "thats my d-dad." he stuttered out. i was in shock. As if on cue we both got up and hugged. i knew i had something special with him.
niall pov
shes my sister! i new i had something speciall with her i just knew it wasnt love. well in a way it was.
natalie pov
theyre siblings? omg! ive always told her she and niall looked alike! niall is sooo cute and shes pretty although my heart belongs to daphne appearently. haha. "i knew it! well not really but ive always told you you guys look alike!" i told her well shouted really. nice going natalie make hour self look like a fool infront of niall.
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