a summer with one direction

18 year old Daphne has been through alot as a child she decided to move to London with her best friends Natalie, Sammi, Dalilah, Vicky, Bella, and Kelly. with her also move in her cousin Gaby and daphnes daughter Sophie. But they dont expect her nieghbors to be her idols


2. introductions

sammi pov
our mouths went wide when we opened our eyes. One Direction was standing right in front of us! " oh my god!" daphne exclaimed natalie and her jumped up and started fangirling. typical daphne and natalie. then i caught Niall staring at me. he turned away when he saw me looking at him.
nialls pov
the blond girl shes just so like me. she looks at me and i look away "whats your name?" i asked her. "Sammi" she said. "i'm--" "NAILL!!" they all screamed. "hahaha i guess we dont need to have to introduce our selfs" harry said with that smile of his. " but we need to know your guys names" zayn said smiling. a very atractive girl with black hair with blode streaks in said "i'm Natalie" "and im Daphne and Natalies MINE!" they laughed. daphne looked kinda like natalie but not quite shes very pretty but Natalie caught my attention. "im dalilah" said a girl who also looked like natalie and daphne. are these girls sisters? i saw another girl who said her name is vicky. she's quite petite and surprise surprise looked like dalilah natalie and daphne. "im Bella" a girl said. she looks older than them. shes quite small also. "Im kelly" said a girl who had dark skin. "my name is Gabriela but you can call me gaby." said a shy girl who looked pale but had dark brown hair. "and this baby girl is sophie" daphne said. for sisters they looked nothin alike. sophie had pale skin red hair and blue eyes. daphne had dark skin like zayns and brown flowy curly hair and hunny brown eyes. "so natalie are you guys like related or something?" i said to her looking at peticulary Natalie Daphne Dalilah and Vicky. "haha no. the only related ones are sophie, daphne and Gaby." wow the girls you would least expect to ve related. "uh yeah Gabys my cousin and sophies my uh babysister." daphne said.
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