a summer with one direction

18 year old Daphne has been through alot as a child she decided to move to London with her best friends Natalie, Sammi, Dalilah, Vicky, Bella, and Kelly. with her also move in her cousin Gaby and daphnes daughter Sophie. But they dont expect her nieghbors to be her idols


4. confessing

daphne pov
natalie was right! well anyway i could tell a certian someone *caugh caugh sophie* has a stinky. "i uh gotta change sophies diaper. where can i do that?" i asked "upstairs first door to the right. and ill put your bags in your room too." louis said. "thank you louis." i said and smiled. we ended up goin to the same room since he directed me to our room. "this is your guys room its quite small but-" he started to say "small? its huge!" i said cutting him off. he smiled and went to close the door and whispered "daphne i can tell somethings up. if anythings bothering you just tell me." i took a deep breath and said "sophies not my sister."
"then what us she?"
"shes my...uh daughter" he had a shocked face. "what? how?" he asked. "i was raped about two years ago before i moved here. thus creating sophie" i said. "then how old is she? how someone do that to you?! if i ever come across that bastard ill kick his ass!"
"shes 1 and 10 months and louis i dont even know who it was!"
"i dont care ill kick anyones ass if he tried to hurt you or anyone of your friends."
"thank you louis but thats not necisary we came to london to start a new life thats one of the reasons we moved here."
"the other reason?"
"to say i live in the same place as One Direction!"
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