Addicted [Completed]

18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all that she wanted. She never felt the need to have a man in her life, but when she meets Harry Styles, all if that changes. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride that won't end. Harry brings her hate, and he brings her love. But when one of his fellow band mates falls for her too, will it all change?


14. Truly, Desperately, Hopelessly

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Zayn's POV

I watched Emily hang up her phone. I could tell by the look on her face that it was Harry. I rushed to her side. 

"What did he say?" I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her too me. My chest was burning where her cheek was pressing against me. She didn't reply for a while. She was in shock. I could hear her head reeling. 

"He loves me." My heart fell. By the way she said it, I knew she felt the same about him. Even though she might not be able to admit it to herself, she loved him, and she always would. I had a tough decision to make now. Do I keep her all to myself, or do I let the one I love be happy, even though it might crush me?

Emily's POV

"Emily, whatever happened with Harry and Felicity was wrong. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. He's explained everything to me, maybe you should let him do the same." I looked at him with big eyes. He really looked like he believed Harry. If anyone knew Harry and if he was lying, it would be his band mates. I sighed. 

"I took a cab here. Wanna cab home with me?" He nodded, letting me out of his tight grip. I backed away, taking in his muscular body. Wow, he really was good looking. He smiled at me, noticing me looking. I went to wait for him in the kitchen, as he went into his room and got changed. While he was getting ready, I took the time to make a couple phone calls. 

Louis' POV

We all waited in Emily's tv room as she got showered and changed. None of us minded her in sweats, she still looked beautiful as always, but I guess she just wanted to clean herself up. When she emerged, she was wearing simple black jeans and a red lace shirt. 

"Hey guys, thanks for waiting." She went and sat beside Liam. I saw Zayn make a sour face. He seemed upset that Emily didn't sit with him. Oh no, did Zayn like her? We didn't need anymore complications. I already knew how Liam felt. When we found out about Harry and Felicity, Liam, Eleanor and I were hanging out in Eleanor's flat. He had gone into a rage and almost went to punch out Harry, but somehow, Eleanor had managed to talk him down, and get him to reconsider. That's why I loved Eleanor. She had a way with words. 

"You might be wondering why I brought you all here. You can all probably tell that I'm  upset right now." She looked down before continuing, she didn't want us to see the sadness in her eyes, "it's just that Harry told me he loved me. And he wants to talk. But I don't know if I should believe him. I was doing so well before I fell in love. I was independent, and I was completely okay with not having a boyfriend. But as soon as things picked up with Harry, something in me felt right. And at the same time he reminded me of Jacques, so I started to fall for him really easily." I looked to Liam, who looked like someone who had punched him in the gut, and then to Zayn, who looked like he was going to be sick. I knew exactly what was running through both of their minds. There was no way that they could compete with Harry if he reminded Emily of Jacques. 

"Are you happier with him?" Niall's voice cut through the silence, "I mean before all of this, did he make you happy? Because as I see it, that's all that matters. Emily, Harry loves you more than you could ever know. I know it's all so fast, and it hasn't been that long, but he really does love you. It's eating him up that you won't talk to him. He's in pretty bad shape. I know that he has a lot to explain, but trust me, I can tell you that it will be worth your while to hear him out." Emily's eyes searched all of us, and it was easy to tell that we agreed with everything that Niall had just said. Even Liam and Zayn. Emily sat up and sighed. We took that as our queue to leave. We all hugged her goodbye and let her deal with whatever she was going to do next. 

Harry's POV

"HE WHAT?" I exploded. Niall was telling me how Emily told him that she had slept at Zayn's for a couple of hours. In his arms. In his bed. It tore me apart. I knew it was innocent on her part. She didn't know how Zayn felt about her, but that fact that Zayn would do that to me tore me apart. I stood up, pacing the floors. I was about to yell again when my phone rang. It was Emily's special ringtone. 

"Babe?" I clicked the green button and pressed the phone against my ear. When she was done speaking, I hung up the phone. Niall raised his eyebrows at me, as if to say, "so?"

"She'll be here in ten minutes." With that, Niall got up, patted me on the back, and went home. 

Emily's POV

I knocked on Harry's door. I was nervous. I wanted to hear him out so badly, but I was afraid that I wasn't going to like what I was about to hear. He opened the door. The boys were right. He looked like crap. He was wearing an old t-shirt, joggers, and his hair was even messier than usual. At least he had bathed. When he looked into my eyes though, I saw the same Harry underneath it all. And I knew then that he would tell me the complete truth. 

"Felicity was my first love. When she left me and went back to her ex, something inside of me broke. I told myself that I would never fall in love again. And I didn't. I met girls, and I liked them, but it wasn't enough for me. So I moved on from them quickly and went to the next girl, hoping to feel everything that Felicity had made me feel. Deep down, I had fears that maybe I would never find that love again, and she was the only one that I could ever love. But then I met you, and everything came onto me so quickly. I got scared, and so I pushed you away at first. But then that night, I just couldn't resist you any longer. I had to have you. Maybe it was the alcohol at first, but when our lips touched, I felt something I had never felt before. And then I saw you in such a vulnerable state, and you know what? It made me like you even more. That you didn't care what anybody thought, or what you had to do, but you just had to get home to your family. You're really special in that way, Emily. When you care, you really CARE. And when we started dating, everything felt so real to me. I wasn't afraid anymore. It's like you had cured me. But then I saw Felicity again and I started over thinking everything. I lost sight of everything that was important to me. I didn't tell you because I was afraid that I would lose you. So I went and I met her when you left for home. When we actually got to talking again though, I realized that maybe she wasn't as great as I thought, because I had you. And then when we were saying goodbye, she kissed me. I pushed her away as soon as it happened. It felt so wrong. I felt guilty, and sad, and kissing her didn't feel right. Her lips felt foreign and gross compared to yours. I told her to leave me alone, and you too. I told her to get out of my life forever." He took a deep breath. I could tell that he was nervous after everything that he had said to me. It took a minute for me to process it. So he wasn't a cheater. And I could tell by the look in his eyes that he really did love me. But now, it was time for me to be honest with him. 

"Harry," I ran my fingertips along the soft skin of his face, "Thank you for being honest with me. And now it's my turn to do the same for you. When we first met, the first thing I noticed about you were your eyes. You have the same eyes as Jacques. And maybe that's why I was so intrigued by you at first. But then you were so cold to me, and I think that interested me. When we were together, I forgot about Jacques, which felt like a relief, but at the same time, it made me feel guilty, like maybe he would be mad at me for moving on. I still dream about him every night. But being with you Harry, it all feels so different. You make me want to forget the world, and just lie with you for the rest of my life. And that scares the shit out of me Harry. Because I'm used to being pushed by Jacques to focus on my career. But I also like it, because I know my passion will carry me on. I just. You scare me. Falling for you terrifies me, and I can't help it." He moved closer to me, pulling me into his arms. 

"Of course it's scary, silly. You're falling." I could feel him smirking into my hair. Feeling his arms around me again felt so right. But it reminded me of when Zayn had his arms around me, and I was finally able to rest again. But when he pressed his lips to mine, I fell deeper under his spell. I needed him. 

"Hey Em! Liam and I are here to cook you dinner, like I promised!" I looked up to see Zayn with his lips formed into an "o". I heard Harry growl. 

"What are you doing here?" Harry stood up, telling at Zayn, and then looking to Liam, glaring. 

Liam's POV

Emily raced towards Harry and and placed herself between him and us, resting her hands on his chest.

"Harry! Calm down! What is wrong with you? Their just here to make me dinner!" She looked at him confused and disgusted. I closed my eyes, preparing for what was to come. And as I closed my eyes, my mind flash backed to that time. The time when I discovered that I loved Emily. 


"No! Liam! Try this on!" She threw a button up shirt at me. I rolled my eyes, smiling. I stepped back into the changing room and took of my shirt, when the curtain flew open. 

"Hey!" I found myself yelling. Emily was staring at me, eyes wide. Until she blushed and looked away, holding another shirt to me. 

"Sorry! I just wanted you to try this on too!" I took the shirt from her, laughing. 

"Fine! But if I try this on, you have to try on something of my liking!" She just nodded, laughed, still blushing and walked out of the changeroom. At that moment, I found my heart beating loud in my ears, and I didn't want her to leave. I just wanted her to press her lips against mine. But I knew that would never happen. She loved Harry. And I knew that Zayn found her attractive too. Once I had tried on the shirt, I scanned the store, looking for something for her to try on. And then, there it was. 

"This? Really?" She looked at the dress, gawking. It wasn't something I could ever see her wearing, but I knew she'd look extremely sexy in it. 

"Oh my god!" I heard her yell from the change room. And then she emerged. The deep red complimented her skin, and the shortness of the dress, made her legs extend out, seemingly going on her for hours. She threw her arms up in the air, twirling for me. Wow. She was perfect. I stood there awkwardly with my hands in my pockets. She lunged at me, throwing her arms around me. I put my arms around her, stunned. 

"Oh Liam! I actually love it! Thanks for making me try it on!" And right then and there. I knew that this was the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. 

Zayn's POV

"Haz, calm down. We'll make you some food, too!" I rolled my eyes, turning to go back to the kitchen. My heart was pounding. I knew why he was really mad. 

"Like hell you will!" He came towards me, Emily backing up with him, looking into his eyes, trying to calm him down, "YOU SLEPT IN YOUR BOXERS WITH YOUR ARMS AROUND MY GIRLFRIEND. EVEN AFTER I EXPLAINED TO YOU THAT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG WITH FELICITY! YOU LOVE HER! AND YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HER WHEN SHE WAS UPSET." He took a deep breath, relaxing, after he got all of that off of his chest. I looked to Emily, and she had turned around, looking at me. Her eyes wide. She was pressing herself up against Harry, trying to keep herself up. 

"You. You love me?" Emily was absolutely stunned. I looked down at my feet. My face was ablaze. 

"And Liam too!" I blurted out. It was the only thing that I could think to do. Dang it. 

Emily's POV 

I stood there, leaning against Harry, in shock. It was enough that Zayn liked me, but Liam too? I couldn't deal with this. I had just admitted to myself that I was in love with Harry, but now two more guys to add to the mix? And they were Harry's band mates too! This wasn't good. Not good at all. Harry wrapped his arms around me, but this time it wasn't keeping me calm. I pulled Harry's arms off of me, making him grunt. Now he thought I didn't like him. But I didn't really care at the moment. I was too busy trying to sort things out in my head. Sure I had seen the signs, but I pushed the feeling back because I thought that they were being friendly. This was a mess! I looked at all three boys, my eyes pleading them to tell me that it was a joke. 

"Emily, tomorrow is New Years Eve, and clearly you are conflicted. I'll be at my flat, and I'm sure the boys will be at theirs. We'll be waiting for you. Whoever's flat you decide to go to, I'm sure that will be who you chose." Harry's voice was quiet, and sad. But he was right. I had to make a choice. He came up to me and kissed me one last time, before he walked out of my door. The boys hugged me, asking me to please chose him. I sat down, my mind reeling over what I had just discovered. 

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