Addicted [Completed]

18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all that she wanted. She never felt the need to have a man in her life, but when she meets Harry Styles, all if that changes. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride that won't end. Harry brings her hate, and he brings her love. But when one of his fellow band mates falls for her too, will it all change?


7. Papa-Paparazzi

Emily's POV

I walked into the kitchen to the smell of waffles and bacon being made. On each table setting there was a plate of sliced assorted fruit. I just stared at the back that was currently flipping bacon. His blonde hair was messy, and he was wearing a white v-neck and red plaid pajama pants. Cute. What was he even doing? Yeah he hung around my house when we were in high school, but since when did he care so much about my family and I? He turned around to find me gawking at him. He just flashed me his big white smile and raised an eyebrow at me. I was all of a sudden very aware of the fact that I was only wearing an over sized tee shirt and tiny volley ball shorts underneath. I blushed, and ran back to my room to get changed. Today was the day that we were going to have to face everyone. I was a successful clothing designer and I just finished my x factor design gig, so the press would be on me to find out why I rushed back to Vancouver in tears, chartering a jet and being seen off by Harry Styles. Crap. This was all my family needed right now. Alex wouldn't be able to come home for a while unless he wanted to be seen by the whole world. I sighed, this was a mess. I stripped off and hopped into the shower. 

Paul's POV

Emily finally emerged from her room. She looked absolutely perfect and out together. I don't know how she did it. Even when we were 10 years old, she was always on top of the trends. If she wore something different to school than everyone else on a Monday, by Tuesday morning every single girl in the school would be wearing the trend. Like that time when she wore a bow in her hair in grade 7. I'm pretty sure every single girl in the school started wearing pink bows. Emily never cared, she just knew what she wanted, and this only confirmed that she was doing all of the right things. That morning though she wore a black dress that hugged her above the waist and let out below, showing off her petite body. It went to just above the knees, the sleeves were quarter length, and it covered her whole front. However, in the back it was cut very low, all the way to her waist, revealing her tan and feminine back. She paired it with sheer black tights and knee high leather boots. No doubt that the whole outfit was Jacques. She looked beautiful with her hair let loose, wearing hardly any make up, just a bit of mascara, making her eyes look bigger. But she wore a sad look on her face that told us all that she was wearing this all black outfit out of respect for her family, her brother, and the hard times ahead. She sat down at the table in front of a fresh plate of fruit that I had made up for her and her family. She rubbed her stomach. She had never held back on eating. One time in high school, one girl made a comment about how Emily ate just about as much as us guys. She just rolled her eyes and said, "I could waste my time trying to be 'model thin' but I just love food too damn much." She laughed, carefree, and took a big bite out of her sandwich. That's what we all liked about Emily. She spoke her mind, and wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. That's how she got where she is today. Practice and determination. Sometimes thinking about all she had accomplished in the two years after graduating high school, and my life felt pretty lame. I was in second year University and I still hadn't declared my major. UBC is one of the best schools in the country, but still. She started working on her designs and getting herself out there when we were 15, by the time we were 17, and Jacques was gone she developed her whole company. Jacques had a lot to do with it, whether he knew it or not. He pushed her to go further and exceed anyone's expectations. That's what was so great about him. He was just so positive, and when he believed in someone, he really believed. I still missed him. He was my best friend, he helped me through my parents divorce, and he was just all around fun to be around. It didn't surprise me that Emily feel in love with him the moment I introduced them. And it made sense when he returned the feeling. It shouldn't have made me feel sick to my stomach. But it did. When I was 16 years old, I realized that the love of my life would never feel the same way about me.

Emily's POV

"So, hun, tell me all about London!" My mom said, trying to start some conversation so we weren't all moping around thinking about Alex. I smiled and told her all about Simon and the boys of One Direction. Well not everything...

"And you're dating one of them, aren't you? Why didn't you bring him with you?" My dad winked at me, like always, teasing me whenever he got the chance. I almost choked on my waffle. 

"Excuse me?" I started coughing, trying to figure out what he could be talking about. Paul handed me a glass of water. My mom dropped a magazine in front of me. This time I almost spat out my water. I flipped through the pages. There were pictures from the after party of the boys dancing around me. I looked like I was having a pretty good time. There was me sitting at the bar with Harry, throwing my head back in laughter. Shit. I didn't like where this was going. I turned the page and there was me and Harry kissing in the middle of the street. It was blurry but there was no mistaking my backless dress and Harry's customized Jacques tux. Below it there was a picture of us at the security gate, Harry's arms wrapped tightly around me, my face buried in his chest as he kissed me on the forehead. And then another smaller one of me kissing him on the cheek as I cried. Then me walking on to the jet that Harry had gotten a hold of for me. The headline was "Harry and Emily-New All-star couple?" and the caption below it read, in little red letters "the Jacques designer, 20 and pop sensation, 21, were seen cuddling and kissing just weeks after meeting for the X Factor. How much went on in that dressing room? And why was Emily seen fleeing to her hometown of Vancouver in tears? Has Styles broken her heart already?" I looked up at my parents in surprise. They gave me questioning looks, waiting for me to explain it all. I looked to Paul for help, but he just shrugged, the sparkle in his eyes was gone. 

"Well obviously me getting on the plane crying was me coming here for the family. Harry was there when I got the call and he cashed in on a few favors and got me the plane." I stopped there, not wanting to explain why Harry was with me at 3 am. 

"And why were you kissing him?" My moms words rung through my ears. I don't know. Why was I kissing him? My mind flashed on the image of his deep, sparkling green eyes, bringing Jacques back into my head. 

"He has Jacques eyes." My face crumpled and I put my head in my hands, sobs racking through my body. He had Jacques eyes, and I was starting to fall for him already. He's never return the feelings, all he wanted was "just one night". But then why had he got the plane for me, and waited for me at the airport, and texted me? I couldn't wrap my head around everything that had happened in the past day. I felt my mom's comforting arms wrap around my body, causing me to slow my breathing. This was a mess. 

Harry's POV

I was sitting in the kitchen eating a plat of pasta when I heard the boys storm into my flat. What the hell?All of a sudden my plate was being pushed aside and there was a magazine being shoved in my face. I flipped through the images of Emily and my night. Oh my god. Emily was going to kill me. I looked at the look on Liam's face. If the boys didn't kill me first. 

"What were you thinking Harry?" Louis pushed past Liam, getting in my face, "We actually liked her. She's a great girl, if you've broken her heart, she's never going to want to talk to any of us again. And now we've got a media storm to deal with. What you do reflects on all of us, Harry! We're a group." Everything he said was true, but I never broke Emily's heart. And I never planned on doing so. I didn't even know if I had her heart to break anyways. I just sat there, looking at the article, rubbing my fingers against my temples. I stood up slowly, not bothering to make eye contact with any of them.

"I'm going to make some phone calls." I stalked off to my room. 

Emily's POV

I had just gotten off of the phone with my Publicist. She was organizing a press conference so I could clear everything up tomorrow. I knew exactly what I was going to say. I logged onto my twitter, and I was getting a lot of mixed reactions. 

@1DLOVA: If Harry can't date me, at least @emilybinks123 is a good person. x

@HarryBeMyne: @emilybinks123 get off my man, bitch. Your clothing line is pathetic. who the fuck is Jacques anyways?

@EmilyJacquesGurl1800: If Harry broke your heart, I will break him...

@HarryStylesLove: as much as i love harry, he better not have hurt someone as nice as emily

It was hard not to look past the nice tweets and see the mean ones. But I managed to stay strong. For the time being anyways. Just then my phone rang.

Harry's POV

"Hello?" Her voice rang out on the other side of the line. I hadn't even realized that I missed her so much. 

"I saw the tabloids." I stated, "And it got me thinking." I took a deep breath. 

"Yes?" She waited for me to say what I had been wanting to say for a while. 

"Well the paps already think we're together. I'm not asking you to commit to me right now, but would one date hurt us? What I'm trying to say is, will you let me take you out to dinner when you get back?" I heard her gasp on the other side of the line, letting me know that she was still there, but there was a long silence following. I held my breath, waiting for an answer. 

"I'd love to Harry." I let my air out, and a feeling of warmth ran over my body. Finally.


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