Addicted [Completed]

18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all that she wanted. She never felt the need to have a man in her life, but when she meets Harry Styles, all if that changes. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride that won't end. Harry brings her hate, and he brings her love. But when one of his fellow band mates falls for her too, will it all change?


28. Outfits

Hello everyone:

I know I said I was on hold, but I'm starting to pick up writing again. In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with all of Emily's outfits throughout this movella. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words. I can't even describe how much I love you all. Thank you so much! But on an important note: If you have not yet liked/hearted this movella, please do! I see how many people have favourited in comparison to how many likes there are, and it would help me a lot if you could please like it, because then we will get higher on the populars page, and...well that would be nice :) And then I'll write some more for your little addicted hearts x


Emily's dress from "Just One Night":

Emily's Plane attire:

Emily's Papa-Paparazzi outfit:

Emily's the Press Conference outfit:

What Emily wore to go meet Harry, before the accident:

Emily's outfit in "Doppelgangers":




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