Addicted [Completed]

18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all that she wanted. She never felt the need to have a man in her life, but when she meets Harry Styles, all if that changes. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride that won't end. Harry brings her hate, and he brings her love. But when one of his fellow band mates falls for her too, will it all change?


2. I Knew It

I spent the rest of that week with the boys. They were sweet to me and it had been a while since I had any fun. They took me to all their favourite restaurants (meaning Niall made us go to Nando's every lunch time). Every morning I would wake up promptly at 7:30 am and work in their outfits for the show until noon. I was making them personally, instead of having an employee do it just so I could make sure it was all done perfectly. To my disdain, Harry barely paid any attention to me. Yes, he was flirty, but that was just Harry. Always a flirt. I told myself to give up. Move on and I won't risk feeling broken again. Except I already felt broken.

Harry's POV

I watched her as we sat at the table in Nando's. Zayn said something to her and she threw her head back, her long hair flowing down her back. Her cute nose wrinkled and her perfect lips forming a smile. She was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I was intoxicated by her. Addicted. But I could never show her. She was so different from every girl I had ever been with. I actually cared. If I felt this much for her now, then I couldn't even imagine how much I would feel for her once I got to know her better. Even if I decided to make a move, in time she would realize that she was much too good for me. So I simply ignored her. We all gathered around Simon. It was show day. He went over out set one more time. We all nodded seriously. We all went to make up and Lou made us look tv ready.

"Let me hold her!" Louis was jumping up and down in front of Niall, who was cradling Lux in his arms. Niall simply shook his head. He loved that little girl so much. But we all did. I had just finished my turn with Lou, so I walked up to Niall.

"Your turn!" I smirked, taking Lux from him. Niall sighed and went over to Lou.

"NOOOoO!" Louis hollered, he was being so immature. His yelling woke Lux up, and she started crying. He had caught Lux off guard and startled her. I sat her on my lap and sung to the toddler, calming her down. When I looked up, Emily was staring at me, a small smile playing in her lips. Damn it, she was so hard to resist.

Emily's POV

Once Louis had apologized for waking Lux, I brought him into the change room so that I could put him in his tux and make any last minute adjustments to it. It didn't take very long, because it fit him perfectly. Louis gave me a hug, smiling.


"You know, if I wasn't with Eleanor, I'd probably be completely smitten with you too." I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "Excuse me?" But he just winked and sent Niall in. All of the boys were a breeze, even Zayn, who was so focused in not messing up tonight that he didn't flirt with me. I didn't mind. I still couldn't get my mind off of his curly haired band mate. The way those green eyes took everything in. He may not let anyone else see it, but I could tell that he observed a lot more than he let on. Only one week with him and I knew that I would never be able to get him out of my head. Harry strolled into the room. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were smiling.

"Work your magic on me, fashionista!" He joked, putting his arms in the air, waiting for me to do all the work. I just giggled.

"Strip." I said, turning away to get his tux. I felt arms slip around me.

"I knew it." I went rigid. I could feel his soft curls tickling the back of my neck.

"I'm sorry, you knew what?" But he pulled away. When I looked at him again, his face had grown dark and he wouldn't look at me.

"Harry?" I was confused. He was so confusing. But he just shook his head and asked for me to dress him. This boy was going to be my weakness.

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