Addicted [Completed]

18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all that she wanted. She never felt the need to have a man in her life, but when she meets Harry Styles, all if that changes. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride that won't end. Harry brings her hate, and he brings her love. But when one of his fellow band mates falls for her too, will it all change?


24. Doppelgangers

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Emily's POV

I woke up in his arms to my phone ringing. Shit, it was already noon, I was supposed to go meet the new designer. He went solely by "Matisse." I was pretty excited to meet him. I had a good feeling about this one. I swung my legs out of the bed, shaking Harry a little bit. 

"Babe, I have to go, but feel free to make yourself at home. Hopefully I'll be home in an hour!" I kissed him on the head, throwing on the outfit that I had set out for today. I wanted to come off professional yet friendly. I liked to keep close friendships with my designers so there was never any communication problems. This was a drama-free company. 

"Bye Em, I love you." 

"Love you too, Haz." I kissed him one last time before running out the door. I smiled to myself thinking about the event of the previous night. He was too perfect. Everything was finally falling into place again, and this time, it would hopefully stay that way. I walked briskly to the coffee shop, looking for Matisse. He said he was wearing a red shirt. I spotted him instant. I started at his feet. He was wearing tan leather shoes (nice choice), dark wash Jacques denim, and a simple red v-neck (Jacques, too), and his hair was styled into a low quiff (much smaller than Zayn's) He looked good. But when I really looked at his face, I stopped. I couldn't move. I was stuck. Suddenly everything went black. 

Matisse's POV

"Emily!" I shook her. I had managed to catch her before her head hit the ground. Her eyes fluttered open. I could see why Jacques had been so taken with her. A smile smiled fell onto her lips. 

"Jacques?" She placed her hand on my face, tears forming in her eyes. 

"No, I'm not Jacques. Close though." She sat up, a confused expression settling on her face.

"But, you look exactly like him." I could see her eyes running over my dark hair, green eyes, strong jaw, and plump lips. I even had the same ear piercing as Jacques. I remember our moms always thought we could pass as twins when we were younger. 

"Emily, I'm Jacques cousin. That's why I wanted to work for your company so badly. I wanted to be a part of keeping his memory alive." She just shook her head. 

"This can't be possible. You could be the same person." She took my hand, turning it so she could see my wrist, and then frowned. I knew what she was looking for. I didn't have the tiny heart shaped  birthmark on the inside of my wrist. 

"Why are you only coming to me now?" She sighed, standing up, and sitting at the table I had saved for us. People were looking, but she just smiled at them like nothing had happened. 

"Let me get you a glass of water and I'll explain it all." I smiled at her, speaking with my French accent. I could tell she was charmed. Well, so was I. I knew from the tabloids that she had a very scandalous, yet solid relationship with Harry Styles, but you can't just fight fate, can you?

"So?" She pressed on when I sat back down. I understood why she wanted to figure this all out so badly. She had lost the one she thought she was supposed to spend forever with. But what if I was her forever?

"Well, I couldn't face you at first. I had always been a designer. Made fun of because I was a straight male. But It just gave me so much joy. And Jacques and I were always so close. I got so sick of trying to compete with all these flamboyant, mainstream designers and it brought me here. To you." She nodded.

"Well. I guess I can't let this be a bias. I'll make my decision once I see your sketches." I just nodded and handed her my portfolio. 

Emily's POV 

It's like my whole world was crashing down around me. But for some reason, through all of the debris, there was Matisse sitting right in front of me, keeping me safe. I rested me palm on top of his portfolio and took a deep breath. They were perfect. His designs were so much like mine, yet so different from anything I had seen before. I couldn't even describe it. I couldn't comprehend it. I knew right then and there that I had to have him on my team. It would do the company wonders. But what would it do to my personal life when I went home to Harry? He would for sure be unhappy about this. After everything, he had finally gotten me back, safe in his arms, and I knew that he would take this as a threat. But looking into Matisse's eyes, I knew that he was perfect for me. Err, I mean my company. And maybe after everything tearing Harry and I apart, maybe we just weren't meant to be...

"And?" Matisse's strong accent pulled me out of my thoughts. 

"Their perfect." I managed to choke out, still breathless. "Matisse, I usually take more time to think about this, but I would like to offer you a position at Jacques. I look forward to working with you." I smiled, the blood rushing to my cheeks as I stood up, holding out my hand for him to shake. But he just laughed, pulling me into a hug. And it scared me. But I didn't pull away. Because it felt familiar. It felt like home. 

********A/N I know it's short, but WOWZA, weren't expecting that, now were you? (As you can see, I don't like to let my characters stay happy for too long...drama is just too much fun! I don't want things to get boring) So I hope you liked it! Please comment with your feedback!!! <3***********

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