Why is this happening to me? (a harry styles fan-fiction)

Jordan stewart is your average teenage girl. shes dating harry styles, lives with her mom, her 2 younger sisters, and her 2 younger brothers. shes in love with harry and is having the best life ever until niall breaks up with her best friend Alex and kisses jordan. she then finds herself thinking she loves him. she meets this girl brittny at the mall and brings her back to harry's house with her. does niall like brittny? or does he have feelings for jordan? find out in the story :)


5. You can stay here as long as you need to.

Jordan's POV


During the Happening Brittny had got up and walked upstairs. "Babe" i whispered to Harry. "What is it love?" he asked. "I'll be right back" and with that, i got up and quietly walked up the stairs. Brittny had walked into the spare bedroom and i could hear her yelling into her phone. I just stood there and waited for her to hang up. When she finally stopped screaming, i walked in the room and saw her sitting on the bed crying. I walked over and sat beside her. "Britt.. Whats wrong?" "My.. My mom just called and... They kicked me out! I have two days to get everything i own out of that house... Where am i even going to stay? I have nowhere!" "Brittny. Calm down. Give me a second.." I stood up and walked into the hallway. "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! GET UP HERE!" i started giggling a bit when he came running up the stairs gasping for air. "Wha... What is.. What is it love?" he said in between gasps. "How much do you loovee me?" i asked in a cute voice. "A lot love, why?" he said finally catching his breath. "Can Brittny stay with us? Her parents just kicked her out and she has nowhere to go.." i asked wrapping my arms around his neck. "Well of course love!" he said kissing my cheek. He then turned to Brittny and said "Brittny, you can stay here as long as you need to. Your like a sister to me. You can turn this guest room into your room. You can do whatever you want with it." He was now smiling like crazy. Oh gosh how I loved him..


A/N ~ Omg i havent updated in forevs! Im sorry ive been so busy its not even funny! im sorry its such a short chapter but i didnt know what else to add right now. hope you like the story so far! xoxo

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