Why is this happening to me? (a harry styles fan-fiction)

Jordan stewart is your average teenage girl. shes dating harry styles, lives with her mom, her 2 younger sisters, and her 2 younger brothers. shes in love with harry and is having the best life ever until niall breaks up with her best friend Alex and kisses jordan. she then finds herself thinking she loves him. she meets this girl brittny at the mall and brings her back to harry's house with her. does niall like brittny? or does he have feelings for jordan? find out in the story :)


3. I love Harry not Niall?

His kiss was so passionate and gentle I didn’t want it to stop but it ended when a very upset Niall stormed into Harry’s house. “OMG! Nialler-boo are you alright??!!” I said worried and concerned. “DO I LOOK LIKE IM ALRIGHT TO YOU??!!??!” he said practically yelling at me. I stepped back shocked at what just happened. Harry looked kind of mad at how Nialler said that too me. “Whoa dude, calm the fuck down. That’s my amazing girlfriend you just snapped at while she was checking on you! Like what the fuck dude! Don’t ever fucking snap at her again or I swear to god niall, I will hurt you.”

He said angrily in niall’s face. Then he looked at me. “Babe, are you alright?” “I’m fine babe. You really didn’t have to yell at niall. Your just gunna make him more upset than he is. Can I talk to him alone please?” “Fine.” He said annoyed. “Thank you” I said and gave him a quick kiss. I thought I heard him mumble ‘whatever’ under his breath but im not 100% sure.. “Niall, what happened?” I asked worried. “i…i….i… I broke up with Alex..” he said and another tear fell from his eye. “Why? What happened?” I asked concerned now. “i..i.. I saw her kissing another guy at the mall. And I got mad and left her because she said she kissed him instead of him kissing her.” He said and started crying really hard again. I pulled him into a tight hug. “It’ll be okay Nialler you still have me and the boys and all the girls.” I said with half a smile. “Thanks Jordie” he said half smiling back. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and the world just stopped.. Wait what was I thinking? I love Harry not niall..? All of a sudden I felt 2 lips crash onto mine and found myself kissing back thinking it was Harry. Something was wrong. These lips were much softer and gentler than Harry’s… wait a second.. I opened my eyes instantly and pulled back to see a shocked Nialler.. Oh shit.. I just kissed Niall Horan.. “i..i..i..i’m sorry i..i..i..i don’t know why I did that…” he said embarrassed. “Don’t worry.. Umm.. Just don’t tell Harry!”

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