Why is this happening to me? (a harry styles fan-fiction)

Jordan stewart is your average teenage girl. shes dating harry styles, lives with her mom, her 2 younger sisters, and her 2 younger brothers. shes in love with harry and is having the best life ever until niall breaks up with her best friend Alex and kisses jordan. she then finds herself thinking she loves him. she meets this girl brittny at the mall and brings her back to harry's house with her. does niall like brittny? or does he have feelings for jordan? find out in the story :)



I had already dropped off Eleanor and was driving down the street to Harry’s. At a red light I received a text ‘From: Sexy Hazza ;) : Can’t wait to see you bet you look beautiful like always love you <3 xx’ ‘To: Sexy Hazza ;) : Can’t wait to see you either thanks I bet you look handsome like always love you too babe <3 xx’ The light turned green and I drove the rest of the way with a smile on my face. I arrived at his house and parked in the driveway. I walked up to his door and before I could knock, a very happy Hazza opened the door. “Hey beautiful” he said with a huge smile. “Hey babe” I said smiling back. We walked into his living room and sat on the couch. “So babe, what do you want to do today?” he asked. “Watch a movie, cuddle and eat popcorn?” I said with a smile. “Sounds good to me Babe” he said smiling back.


Harry’s POV


“So babe, what do you want to do today?” I asked her. I already had an idea in mind but didn’t want to straight out say it. “Watch a movie, cuddle and eat popcorn?” She smiled. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t say what I was thinking. I’ll try later. “Sounds good to me Babe” I said smiling back. I really wanted to say ‘how bout we have some fun in my room?’ but I wanted her to be happy. I love her. I love seeing her happy. She means the world to me. I want to see a little bump on her tummy because she’s going to be a mom. I wanted a child to say dada to me and hear a child say mama to the girl I love. I don’t know if she feels the same though. “Why don’t you pick out a movie babe? I’ll go make some popcorn and grab some blankets.” “Okay babe.” She said with a smile. I put the popcorn in the microwave and went to go grab the blankets. I snuck some condoms from the bathroom and put them in my pocket just in case. I grabbed the blankets and went downstairs. I grabbed the popcorn and walked into the living room. She had picked out ‘The Avengers’. “Is this one ok babe?” “Its perfect Babe. Black widow, she’s hot. But not as beautiful as you.” “AHA well Thor is hot. Maybe even hotter than you” she said winking at me. I ran at her jokingly and attacked her on the couch. She was lying down while I was on top of her holding her hands above her head and tickling her. “HARRY STOP” she said laughing. “Not until you say Harry is the sexiest man alive and I love him” I said with a smirk. “PLEASE JUST STOP” she said still laughing. “Say it and I’ll stop” I said smiling. “FINE! HARRY IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE AND I LOVE HIM!” I stopped tickling her but stayed on top of her.


Jordan’s POV


“FINE! HARRY IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE AND I LOVE HIM!” he finally stopped tickling me but just stayed on top of me. Before I could say anything his lips crashed onto mine. His tongue gained entrance and they started dancing together. The way he kissed me gave me thousands of butterflies. I could tell I really loved him.. 

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