Why is this happening to me? (a harry styles fan-fiction)

Jordan stewart is your average teenage girl. shes dating harry styles, lives with her mom, her 2 younger sisters, and her 2 younger brothers. shes in love with harry and is having the best life ever until niall breaks up with her best friend Alex and kisses jordan. she then finds herself thinking she loves him. she meets this girl brittny at the mall and brings her back to harry's house with her. does niall like brittny? or does he have feelings for jordan? find out in the story :)


1. About Me!

Hi. My name is Jordan Stewart. I’m 17. I live in a big house in London, England with my mother Mary, my 9-year-old sister Lucy, my 14-year-old sister Miranda, my 15-year-old brother Mike, and my new 3-week-old brother Toby. My dad died from a bomb explosion fighting in Afghanistan 7 months ago, about 3 months into my mom’s pregnancy with Toby. I have blue/green eyes and naturally wavy, blonde hair. Mike and Miranda are always fighting over something stupid, from the TV remote, to whose turn it is to babysit Toby while moms at work. When they’re free, Miranda’s always with her boyfriend Jake, and Mike is with his girlfriend Alissa. I’m usually at nandos with my boyfriend Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from one direction. We’ve been dating for a year and 3 months. My Best friend Eleanor (El) is ENGAGED to THE Louis Tomlinson, Hayley, is dating THE Liam Payne, Alexis (Alex), is dating THE Niall Horan, and my friend Perrie from the band little mix is dating THE Zayn Malik. We always all go to Nandos together. It’s Niall and I’s Favourite place to go in London. Now that I think about it, I planned on going to Nandos with El today. I decided to have a shower. Once I got out of the shower, I walked into my walk in closet and tried to find something to wear. I decided on my light blue skinny jeans, a white, skintight tank top, a light blue aeropostale sweater, and my white heels. I went to the bathroom mirror and opened my cupboard full of makeup. I decided on black mascara, light blue eyeliner, white sparkly eye shadow, and a light pink lip-gloss. I walked down stairs and grabbed my keys, said bye to my sister Lucy, and walked out to my car. I started driving towards nandos when I saw El walking down the street. I pulled over to let her in. “Hey! Hop in! I’ll drive you the rest of the way!” “Okay! Thanks Jordie!!” she said. Jordie is what she’s always called me. We finally arrived at nandos and walked inside. We ordered our food and talked while we waited. “So El, how are you and Lou?” I said winking. “Great! He can’t stop talking about the wedding!” she said laughing. “Of course not! He’s Lou!” we started laughing harder. “How are you and Mr. Hazza Styles” she said winking. “Good. He keeps asking me if I ever want kids. He keeps dropping hints about it too.” She just looked at me for a second and then burst out laughing almost falling off her chair. “what did I say?” I said laughing with El. She sat up, “nothing” and stopped laughing. “There’s negativity in the air… What’s going on El..?” I said concerned. “It’s just, I want to have a baby with Louis, but he always says ‘we should wait longer, I’m not ready to take the responsibility of a father and have to focus on the band’ and I just, don’t want to wait…” she said with a sad tone. “Don’t worry El. He’ll come around.” “I Hope so..” “Do you want a ride to Louis’s house? I have to go that way anyways. I’m going over to Harry’s” “Sure. That Would be Great”

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