Zayn's adventure

There is a robbery across from Zayn Malik's house at misses Dorothy's house.
Zayn saves the old lady and falls in love with her grand-daughter
who love 1D. So this is an action and romance story.❤


1. My busy night

Zayn writes in his journal.

Hello there again! I know that you are an inanimate object but do you think that I would look good in navy blue corduroys with a vintage black leather jacket?? I think so. I look good in every thing!
Any ways my night is so far very busy!! Im signing album's for fans. So far I'm guessing that i met about 5000 people and took pictures with all of them! Oh how I love all my adoring fans! I love how they almost pass-out when they see or touch me! I'm also receiving lots of comments like "Keep you're chin up." Or " Zayn you are a wonderful signer!" And so on. They will do what ever it takes to see me up close.
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