One Hundred Heartbreaks

chelsea is just a shy girl from West British Columbia in Canada, but what happens when one day, Zayn Malik comes to her small town completely lost and looking for love? Could this be Chelsea's chance, or is her heart going to be broken for the one hundredth time?


1. Who is that boy?

Hello there my name is Chelsea! I have dark hair and brown eyes! I have a great body. I am skinny but curvy at the same time lol it's possible trust me.

I have had a lot of boyfriends...

 Like, too many.

99 to be exact.

oh well.


That is my alarm clock! I have to wake up and get up to go to work at my job at Starbucks!

I wake up and have a shower. I dry my hair and straighten in until it is perfect. I put on my earrings which look like bubblegum! My mother gave them to me last year! I pull on some leggings that have polka-dots all over them and a crop top that says "REBEL" on it because I forgot to mention earlier but I am actually really rebellious. Like, my mom hates me. when she bought me those earrings she said she hopes i stab myself with them and die. Sometimes she hits me. I think she is abusive but I cant tell anyone!! They'll take me away and even though she can be mean she is my mother and i love her!

I put on my one direction uggs oh right I haven't said yet but I am a HUUUUGE directioner!! I am like there biggest fan! Oh now I am late I better go I put on some bracelets that clink when I walk and run downstairs.


Me: Yes?

MOM: Where are you going, you little c**t?

Me: to work.

Mom: who said you could go there.

Me: My boss says I have to go there.

Mom: that is stupid becasue you live at my house and i made you and i pay for all the sh** that you buy I am really your boss! and i say you need to stay home.

Me: but mom i have to go-

Mom (intterrupting): no. go to your room.

I walk back to my room with tears in my eyes. Life is so unfair! You might think im snobby for sayign that but I'm not because even though we have a mansion and lots of stuff, we actually are really poor and we barely have any food which is why I am so skinny. My nice body is disappearing... I need food lol!

I need to escape this prison! I get up and walk to the window. I open it and step outside. I climb down the tree to the ground. I am so strong and flexible that it is easy but i had to be quiet in case my mother saw me. Oh no! WAAAAAAAAAAh *CRASH!!*

I fell to the ground and screamed. 

A boy appeared out of nowhere it seemed.

Boy: are you ok?

Me: i think i broke my leg!

Boy: oh no we need to get you to the hospital!

Me: no no I'm fine

Boy: no you need to go to the hospital!

Me: No they'll tell my mom i tried to run away!

Boy; why were you trying to run away




Boy: *stares at me with beautiful brown eyes*

Me: FINE! she hurts me and she wouldnt let me go to work so i tried to get away but i haven't told anyone so you have to promise not to tell anyone!

Boy: Omg that's horrible! Don't worry, I'll take care of you, okay? come with me to my hotel where i can ice your leg.

Me: Ok 

Me: thanks

Boy: no problem and hey I dont even know your name yet!

Me: I'm chelsea!

Boy: cool! My name is zayn. zayn malik.

Me: wait

Me: wut

Zayn: yep

Zayn: Now come along with me, sweetie





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