Fantasies Come True

This story is about some things that most beliebers can only fantasize about. You are the main character that has just turned 15. That one guy you just can't get over no matter what is finally chasing after you. But, he's not the only one. Justin Bieber shows up. Things happen and now you must choose who you will let be the love of your life. The ending depends on what decision you decide to make. Who will you live your happily ever after with?


3. The Victim

The lights were out except for the colorful ones the DJ was using and people were having so much fun dancing and using the photobooth. I was talking with my cousin and friend when I look at the door and guess who I see.

Ok so why don't I describe this kid for you. Well he is like 5'10 and he has dirty blond hair and kinda pail skin. His name is Matthew and he- I hate to say it but everyone says he looks like Justin Bieber (which I do not agree on). He's wearing just a muscle shirt and jeans. He's not really the type that gets dressed up.



Anyways, so I excuse myself and go over to say hi. I give his mom a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and the same with his 2 sisters.  His brother didn't come but I've never really talked to him so I didn't mind much. Then that douche was left.

He couldn't take his eyes off me and his jaw was on the ground. I walk up to him and give him a hug wrapping my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist pulling me in even closer and then I whispered in his ear, "Tonight should be fun," and as I'm pulling away I give him a gentle kiss on the cheek and walk away not turning back once to show i cared.

I can feel him still there just staring at me and I can't help but think how easy this is going to be.

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