Fantasies Come True

This story is about some things that most beliebers can only fantasize about. You are the main character that has just turned 15. That one guy you just can't get over no matter what is finally chasing after you. But, he's not the only one. Justin Bieber shows up. Things happen and now you must choose who you will let be the love of your life. The ending depends on what decision you decide to make. Who will you live your happily ever after with?


14. Taking the Stage

Justin's dancers run up to me. "Justin was right she is pretty," one of them says. I blush and put my head down. They all start shouting things to me.

"You guys don't crowd her!" out comes a very petite and beautiful Pattie.

"Yeah! What she said," behind her comes Alfredo.

Pattie gives me a hug, "Hi i'm Pattie. You must be (y/n), it's nice to meet you."

"It's really nice to meet you too," i say embracing her back.

When we let go Alfredo comes, "Alright it's my turn! Hey i'm Alfredo," he says, too giving me a hug.

"i'm (y/n)" i say.

"Yeah i know, everyone knows. Justin wouldn't shut up about you all day," he says causing my face to turn bright red, "when he saw you in the crowd right in the front he showed you to everyone and told us how amazing you were. And he was right," He says making me blush more.

"Alright, she doesn't need you and Justin drooling over her," Pattie comes along pulling me away, "Come on sweetie lets go, you're almost up!" she informs. I gulp down, everything coming into realization once i see how many people were at the concert. "Nervous?" Pattie asks sensing my nervousness.

"A little," i say still staring at all the people hearing him singing One Less Lonely Girl.

"Don't worry you'll be fine, you look perfect," she tells me while rubbing my arms making me feel better.

I turn to her and wrap my arms around her, "Thank you," i say.

"No problem," she says, "Well it's time, good luck," she gives me a little push onto the stage. His dancers lead me to the chair on the stage.

I sit down and just stare at Justin. He turns around and as soon as our eyes meet he smiles and i'm frozen.

He makes his way over to me still singing. I just noticed he didn't have a shirt on, he must've taken it off while i was backstage. He was sweating and his muscles and abs were shimmering. It was pretty hot.

He is finally in front of me and gently places the flower crown on my head and kisses my hand. He still has my hand and pulls me off the chair. I get up and he sits down pulling me on his lap!

Everyone screams.

When he's done with the song we get up, hug, he gives me a kiss on the cheek, and whispers in my ear, "You look amazing princess." Then he holds my hand and leads me off the stage.

It was the part of the show now where it shows videos on the big screen. I thought i was going to go back to my seat but Justin keeps me backstage. 

Pattie comes up to me, "See i told you you would be fine!"

I smile and tell her, "Thank you again so much!"

She waves a hand of dismissal and smiles. We hug and go back to everyone and talk. Someone whispers in my ear, "Come with me." I turn to see Justin and nod my head letting him grab my hand and lead me to his dressing room.


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