Fantasies Come True

This story is about some things that most beliebers can only fantasize about. You are the main character that has just turned 15. That one guy you just can't get over no matter what is finally chasing after you. But, he's not the only one. Justin Bieber shows up. Things happen and now you must choose who you will let be the love of your life. The ending depends on what decision you decide to make. Who will you live your happily ever after with?


6. More From the Unexpected

"Time to sing happy birthday!" my parents shout as they find me walking across the room. They bring out my cake and turn down the lights.

The cake was so wonderful, it was three layers,each a different flavor. The top was red velvet, middle vanilla, and bottom marble. It was decorated in black and white colored icing with cute designs and edible black and red roses. There was 16 candles spread out on the cake, several on each layer.

I was relieved that i didn't have to face Matthew right now but a little nervous because i don't like all the attention on me while everyone sings to me. On top of that, i never know what to do so i just end up standing there playing with my fingers. I start looking around and see Matthew's eyes on me. I panicked and quickly looked down as i hear everyone starting to sing.

Finally after what felt like forever there was just the last line that everyone needed to sing except something was wrong... everyone stopped singing. Then i hear someone start to sing. The voice was so beautiful and familiar but when i looked around to see who it was i saw no one's mouth moving. Then i see a section of my family start to separate and someone was coming through.

It was... umm... it's... JUSTIN BIEBER.

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