Fantasies Come True

This story is about some things that most beliebers can only fantasize about. You are the main character that has just turned 15. That one guy you just can't get over no matter what is finally chasing after you. But, he's not the only one. Justin Bieber shows up. Things happen and now you must choose who you will let be the love of your life. The ending depends on what decision you decide to make. Who will you live your happily ever after with?


7. Feeling Like a Dream

I instantly fell into shock. I was speechless and couldn't move. I felt like i was going to faint, i couldn't breath. Now he was done with the song and was standing right in front of me.

"Happy Birthday (y/n)," he said followed by a kiss on my cheek making me blush immensely.

Then he posed kissing me on the cheek, carrying me, putting icing on me, hugging me, and standing next to me holding onto my waist as my family took pictures.

Then he helped me cut and serve the cake, something i only imagined of happening in my daydreams about getting married to him.

When we were done and after i got rid of my little sisters and cousins bugging him we sat down at an empty table to eat some cake.

We were having fun just talking and laughing about anything and everything. We were right next to one of the candy bars so we would get some candy and feed each other some for the other to try it. We were getting along so great and it was unbelievable.

Throughout all the talking we would move our seats closer together until our legs were touching so we couldn't scoot any closer. We started laughing about something we were talking about when a piece of my hair fell in front of my face. Then Justin looked into my eyes and pushed back the hair behind my ear.

"You're so beautiful, you look really amazing." I instantly felt my face burn up so i put my head down then i feel him place his hand on mine.

I quickly look up so we're looking at each other directly in the eyes now not saying anything. It's just us two, nobody else, everyone disappeared. Then someone clears their throat awakening us from our own little world we were in.

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