Fantasies Come True

This story is about some things that most beliebers can only fantasize about. You are the main character that has just turned 15. That one guy you just can't get over no matter what is finally chasing after you. But, he's not the only one. Justin Bieber shows up. Things happen and now you must choose who you will let be the love of your life. The ending depends on what decision you decide to make. Who will you live your happily ever after with?


16. Aftershow

Your POV

I close the door and start to walk away when i pass by Alfredo. He, being the dork he is started making kissy noises. I turned around and glared at him playfully and then turned back at kept walking. I made my way to the security that let me go through and i got back to my seat.

"What took you so long, you were back there forever. What were you doing?" my mom asks.

"Ummm..." then the music started and Justin came out. I mouth the words, "sorry, i guess i'll tell you later" while shrugging my shoulders.

She nodded then turned to watch the rest of the show. The ending of the show was fantastic. That's when he played his more known songs like Boyfriend and Baby. Everyone was going crazy, me being one of them but my mind was on what happened in his dressing room.

Next thing i know the lights are on and everybody is making their way out the arena. The show's over. I'm a little disappointed that the show finished so fast but its not time for me to leave yet. 

Me and my family start making our way to the M&G. We show the security our bracelets and after they let us in we get in line. The girl in front of me then turns around and sees me.



We then hug and start talking.

"So you were backstage for a while, you have to tell me everything that happened!"

"Oh uh, nothing. Nothing really," i say looking around and stopping cause something caught my eye. As soon as i looked at Justin he turned and was looking at me. He smiled which made me smile.

"Mhmm, that sure seems like nothing," Crystal said looking back and fourth from me and Justin.

I put my head down and smile to myself, kinda embarrassed.

"Here," Crystal said getting her phone, "Put your number in here so you could tell me what nothing really means later."

I giggled and nodded.

We start talking about how excited we were and just about random things. Before we knew it Crystal was next to take a picture with him and I was right behind her.


Crystal quickly looked at me very nervously and slowly made her way over. She hugged Justin real tight and then they took a picture. Ugh she is so pretty.


"Wait!!" Crystal shouted, "Can i take one more picture? Please?! Just one more, i want to take one with my friend." Crystal then turned and looked at me.

"I'm sorry but th-"

"No, that's fine," Justin comes up to me, grabs my hand, and takes me over to where Crystal was.

Justin is in between us with his arms around our waists and one of our arms around his neck for the picture. We actually got to take another one where we were both kissing him on his cheeks. Then Crystal has to go so i give her a big hug and say bye. She was really cool.

"Now next!" the guy said irritated that he kept getting interrupted before.

My mom and sisters then come so we can take our picture. This time it was me and my mom on both sides of him and the 3 kids in front.


"Wait not yet," Justin says then turns to the girls in line, "I'm so sorry this will only be a second."

She smiles and nods not being able to say anything.

"Great thanks!" he gives her a hug then turns to me, "Will you take a picture with me, just me and you?"

I smile, "I guess i can take maybe one."

"Oh really? You guess?" he then smirks and runs and picks me up.

"Justin nooo!!" i scream.

It turns out we took a couple more pictures then expected. The first one was when he picked me up bridal style and we were both smiling so big from laughing. The next one i got on his back and took it like that. The one after that i was standing next to him with his arm on my hips and mine across his stomach hugging him. Finally the last one he got behind me, held my hands while wrapping them around me, and his head on my shoulder with both of us smiling.

"Okay i think that's enough pictures."

"No!" Justin exclaimed, "What if i never see you again, i'm going to need something to remember you by."

"You already have my number so you can just tell me and we'll hang out."

"Are you trying to ask me out? Because my answer is a definite YES."

I roll my eyes, "Someone's a little desperate, don't you think?" and with that i walk away with a smirk on my face.

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