A plane ride to somewhere

Cara and Kelsey always wanted to take a trip to paris because they wanted to see the wonderfull city of love. When they are walking to the gate they wern't paying attition the the gate number then end up in Londan were they were not suppose to go .When the they go to a small cafe in Londan they run into one direction there favorite band. Will the boys fall in love with them and let cara and kelsey stay with them for 2 weeks . read to find out P.S. thisis my frist movellas please no hate .


7. take me home

Cara's P.O.V.

When harry came back to the table and said you girls can stay with us for 2weeks and we will fiy you guys back home. I jump up and hugged him and said thank you like 10 times and I stop crying.He saaid it was no big deal.

Kelsey's P.O.V.

I was so happy that I was going to stay with the hottest guys in the world.I feel like the luckest girl in the world. Zayn came over and grabbed my bags and put them in the back of the car. When I looked over at cara she was huging harry and it looked like they were in love.Cara did really like harry in the band and she really wanted to meet him.Now she finally got to meet him she looked so happy to be with him.

Harry's P.O.V.

After we got cara and kelsey stuff in the car these girls do bring a lot of  clothes with them because there suitcases were heavy .Then cara said why there so heavy because one suitcase had cara's clothes another had kelsey's clothes and the last one had shoes and dresses in them and they also had there carryons with them.When got everything in thecar and everyone was in the car we started up the car and  drove to the beach house. The girls think that we are going to a hotel but we are going to the beach house that we rented for the summer it has 8 bedroom and 10 bathrooms but 8 of the bathrooms were in the bedroom and the one was down stair and the other one was upstairs we also had a 3 story house in the first floor was the kitchen and bathroom ' living room and the dinner room and a back porch with an deck that lead to the beach.On the second  floor was bedrooms,gameroom,large bathroom,porch over looking the beach,and an wash room On the thrid floor was really big i mean large indoor pool with an little waterpark in side we were telling the girls about the house and they were really getting exicted about seeing the house. 


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