A plane ride to somewhere

Cara and Kelsey always wanted to take a trip to paris because they wanted to see the wonderfull city of love. When they are walking to the gate they wern't paying attition the the gate number then end up in Londan were they were not suppose to go .When the they go to a small cafe in Londan they run into one direction there favorite band. Will the boys fall in love with them and let cara and kelsey stay with them for 2 weeks . read to find out P.S. thisis my frist movellas please no hate .


6. sitting with one direction

Cara's P.O.V.

When kelsey said you can sit with us because your one direction I was shoced that one direction was sitting with us. Harry sat next to me and louis sat next to harrt on other side was kelsey,zayn,niall.and then liam. Everyone was talking to each other but me and harry wern't talking.I was still crying and then harry asked me whhy was I crying then he said come with me. I followed him to another table we both sat down I was still crying .

Harry's P.O.V.

I told her to follow me she followed me to another table she was still crying. Then we sat down and then i asked her name she said Cara Purro Then I asked her why are crying Carasaid because me and kelsey are supposed to be in paris and we got on the wrong plane and we don't have anywere to sleep and we have to go home in 2 weeks and we have no were to stay  cara said .I called the boys over and I told themabout the two grils and why the one  was crying and then I said we should let them stay with us for 2 weeks. the boys said yes zayn was happy and ran over to kelsey and told her that she and cara can stay with us for 2 weeks and we can have fun together.

Zayn's P.O.V.

When harry called us over and said that cara and kelsey can stay with us for the 2 weeks they are  here because I really taking a liking into kelsey because she a really nice girl and cara was nice but I though that kelsey was really really nice . 

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