A plane ride to somewhere

Cara and Kelsey always wanted to take a trip to paris because they wanted to see the wonderfull city of love. When they are walking to the gate they wern't paying attition the the gate number then end up in Londan were they were not suppose to go .When the they go to a small cafe in Londan they run into one direction there favorite band. Will the boys fall in love with them and let cara and kelsey stay with them for 2 weeks . read to find out P.S. thisis my frist movellas please no hate .


2. heading to the airport

Cara's P.O.V.

I couldn't belevie today was the day that we go to paris. I have just woke up and brushed my teeth and got dress in some nice jeans and a red top.I put my long cruly hair into a pony tail. Kelsey had just woke up to she was sleeping over last night she put on some black jeans and purple top. She also put her long staright hair into a pony tail.We both put a little makeup on just to look not tried which we were tried.My mom called us down to eat something before we head off to the airport.I ate some eggs and pancakes.kelsey ate some toast and bacon for breakfast.

Kelsey's  P.O.V

I just woke up and got dressed really fast because I was excited about going to paris. I got up and brushed my teeth and got dress in some black jeans and a purple top that says PARIS on the front . I counldn't sleep last night because I was so excieted to leave.

Cara's P.O.V

I eard my mom call us from downstairs and she said come on girls we are leaving in 20 min and we still have to put your stuff in the car HURRY UP she yelled this time.Me and kelsey ran down stairs and put our shoes on grabed our bags and pures and whenout the door. We got in the in the car and put are stuff in the car and then we got in the car and we were heading to the airport and my nevers were setting in now I was kinding getting scared  leave my mom and dad  for 2  weeks. It was going to be fun I was telling myself that the hole ride to the airport.

Kayla's P.O.V.

I was getting nevers and scared the same as cara was too.But I was so happy to finally go to paris .But I was scared that we were going to misread the gate number and get on the wrong  plane.


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