A plane ride to somewhere

Cara and Kelsey always wanted to take a trip to paris because they wanted to see the wonderfull city of love. When they are walking to the gate they wern't paying attition the the gate number then end up in Londan were they were not suppose to go .When the they go to a small cafe in Londan they run into one direction there favorite band. Will the boys fall in love with them and let cara and kelsey stay with them for 2 weeks . read to find out P.S. thisis my frist movellas please no hate .


1. getting ready

Cara's P.O.V

I can't beleive tommorow Kelsey and I leave for paris. Me and Kelsey have been talking about this trip sence we were young like 10 or something  like that .Both of are parents said we could go when we turn 18 .My dad is so scared of me going to paris without him.I keep on telling him I will always be his little girl. Kelsey is so excited becaues she keeps calling me and telling me the hours.minutes.and second intll we have to wake up and head to the airport. We have to wake up at 4:00 am.Kelsey is spending the night at my house so we don't have to drive to her house and pick her up. But her mom is going to meet us at the airport because her mom is picking up her dad because keksey's dad went on a bussiness trip. Kelsey's dad work as zoo keeper. He's travels to help zoos all over world.He's coming back tommorow at 2:00 am so they are going to wait intill 3:00 am intill we arrive.But when we get there me and kelsey have to go through suirty and then we will say or goodbyes to are moms and dads.

Kelsey's P.O.V

I can't wait intill tommorow and leave this house. I love my family and all but my mom can get on my nevers.Like she wannts to spend every second with me but I just want to go over to cara's house and see what we are going to do when we first get there. I just want to unpack everything and then walk around. But cara wants to drop off our suit cases and go shopping .But cara's mom said to unpack the suit cases and chill in the renal house.Cara's moms friend is letting us stay at her beach house that she owns in paris. Cara keeps telling me that the house is huge. That they is 4 bedrooms with bathrooms in them,and a huge kictchen and living room and dinning room. She siad thet there is also a swimming pool in the basement and a workoutroom in the basement in the back behind the door to the pool.We get to go to this dream house but now I have to pack my suit case and carry on to carry on the plane . The olny thing I;m nervos about is getting on the wrong plane and ending up somewhere else.I hope that dosen't happen tommorow because if that happens we will never get to on any trip anymore intill we are 21. That was what are moms and dad said when we ask them to go on the tirp agian.




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