A plane ride to somewhere

Cara and Kelsey always wanted to take a trip to paris because they wanted to see the wonderfull city of love. When they are walking to the gate they wern't paying attition the the gate number then end up in Londan were they were not suppose to go .When the they go to a small cafe in Londan they run into one direction there favorite band. Will the boys fall in love with them and let cara and kelsey stay with them for 2 weeks . read to find out P.S. thisis my frist movellas please no hate .


3. airport and plane ride

Cara's P.O.V.

We just arrived at the airport and I stared crying and my dada said why are crying .I said I was scared of leaving you guys for 2 weeks. My dad said it was going to be alright cara now you have to go get on your plane and have the time of your life in paris. I was hugging my mom and dad and I said goodbye to them. Kelsey wasdoing the same as me crying  and saying goodbye to her mom and dad too. My dad said "you girl better get heading to your plane oh what number is your gate number '.'Kelsey said 18 ''Are you sure that is your gate number beacause i don't want got ending up somewhere else my dad said''.

Kelsey's P.O.V

Cara's dad is a little I mean alot over proteidved of cara . My dad is't like that I wish he wasn't because I love the way he is.Me and  cara where walking to the plane gate when we got there is was calling frist class I wish we were in frist class because we would get on the plane firstand get alot of things not like the other poeple getting on the plane last which were getting on the plane last because they were going buy seats now we were seats 17 and 18 .When I got up the lady and gave her my ticket she put a stamp on my and cara ticket she also said have a nice trip in a wried tone I said thank you and she laugbed at me and cara

Cara's P.O.V.

We found seats 17 and 18 and sat down and I put my headphones in and I was going to listen to my favorite baind one directon. But  the pilot said please put your seat belts on because we are going to be heading off in a little .Kelsey was looking out the window and said '' are you excited about going to paris'' I said YES I am are you kelsey she said YESSSSS.

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