Going to the University of Manchester was the best thing that ever happened to me. New school, new friends, and--drama. Although I didn't expect much in college, I was hit with A LOT, because of two boys in particular; Finn and Jack Harries.

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4. Chapter 4


Nicola’s POV

            I tugged at his sleeve, and though uncertain where to go, I persisted on getting away from that spot.  “Um Nicola,” Jack coughed.  “ Café’s that way. “ I followed his outstretched arm across the grounds. In the distance, sure enough, there were people lined outside of a small store. It looked like something out of the 20’s; something that you might see in a quaint, small town in Italy.  The color of the bricks were tannish, not far from cream, flower vines enveloped the tiny thing, yet made it more beautiful. Barely, just barely, I was able to make out the most-delicate violet flowers.

            We made our way over to the back of the line, noticing various eyes watching us. Jack and I said nothing; not one single word was uttered. I caught him out of the corner of my eye taking me in. It almost felt like he was staring at me with open-eyes, absorbing everything that he saw. “So…” I began, eager to end the uncomfortable feeling.

            “Tell me about yourself.” Jack spoke.

            I cocked my head. “Like?”

            “I don’t know, like what are you studying here at the UNI?”

            “I’m here for pre-med. What about you?”

            “ Media Arts.” He looked at the ground and smiled. “I’m kind of um, a tech geek.”

            I giggled. “Really? I think that tech geeks are absolutely adorable. Especially when they’ve got green eyes like yours.” I winked.

            “Cheeky.” Jack smiled.  

            As we neared the front, I panicked. “ I have no clue what to order!”

            “Don’t worry about it, babe.  If you don’t mind, I’ll order for you.”



* * * *

Jack’s POV

            I could not keep my eyes off of her. She was just so beautiful. I can truthfully see that I hadn’t ever seen or met a girl as great as Nicola. The worst part though, was that she didn’t even realize the effect she had on all the guys around her. I took a look around and saw that most of the guys had indeed noticed her. And, oh were they taking her in. Their jaws practically reached the ground and their eyes were almost out of their sockets. Suddenly, I felt the obsessive impulse to put my arms around her. It would show them that she was mine and only mine. I successfully ordered us two hot cups of tea while Nicola found us some seats.

            “One for you, and one for,” I set the china down. “me.”

            “Mhmm, Jack they smell so good.” She complimented.

            “I know right? Finn and I love to come here on days that           there’s a lot of work from our classes to get done.”

            I registered the confused look on her face and realized Nicola had no idea who Finn was.   

            “Sorry, um Finn?”

            “My twin.”

            “Oh! That’s who I ran into this morning!” She face palmed herself for effect.

            Now I was the one who was confused. Thoughts immediately flooded my head. “Wait, is Finn the one you were talking about? The one whose eye you almost took out?”

            “Yes!” Nicola’s eyes twinkled, excited. “I’d really like to apologize to him a little more properly. I was just so stunned at that time—“

            I put a hand up. “Say no more. I’ll take you to see him after we finish up.”

            “Aw Jack thank you so much!”

            “It’s not really that big of a deal.” I stated, giving her a little wink.

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