Going to the University of Manchester was the best thing that ever happened to me. New school, new friends, and--drama. Although I didn't expect much in college, I was hit with A LOT, because of two boys in particular; Finn and Jack Harries.

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3. Chapter 3


Jack’s POV

        “What the hell?” I stumbled before regaining my balance. This person had obviously not been watching where they had been going. In all of the commotion, the stack of papers that were in my hand had slipped and were strewn across the damp grass. I was already beginning to notice the water droplets soaking through them, causing slight imperfections on their surfaces. 

        “I. Am. So. Sorry.” A feminine voice apologized. I bent down hastily to retrieve my scattered papers. Or, what was left of them. 

         As I kneeled on the ground, careful to keep my knees away from the wet earth, I got my first glimpse of the stranger. Although it was just a view of the girl’s heels, I had a feeling she was new around here. Not too long after, she brought herself down to my level and began to help me collect my papers. The moment I saw her face, I felt something. Of course there was always the occasional girl that would come around into my life, but she was different. Her dark, twinkling eyes mesmerized me, and I felt my jaw drop slightly. Her tan face had paled, clearly embarrassed by the event that had just taken place. 

        ”I am seriously, really, truly sorry. I should’ve been watching where I was going!” She put her face in her hands. “I’m so stupid.”

        I reached over and pulled her hand away from her face. A few curls had fallen into her eyes, urging me to push them back. Her hand was not frail, but not at all strong. The coldness of them startled me; I wanted to just press her hands against my chest, hopefully acting as a small fireplace to radiate some warmth. She flinched at the feel of me touching her. “You really don’t need to be sorry babe. I thought it was actually quite cheeky.” I laughed. “How do I know that wasn’t just an attempt to just start up a conversation?”

       A grin spread out from ear to ear. Her fingers were still firmly clasped in mine as she spoke. “I already talked to you silly.” With her free hand, she smacked me playfully. “ First I nearly take your eye out and now I make a mess of all your papers. “

         Now I was confused. What did she mean by nearly taking my eye out? I saw the smile slowly fade from her face. “Sorry, I guess I’m just rambling.” Biting her bottom lip, she played with the bracelet on her wrist. “I’m Nicola, by the way.”

         “Jack.” We both stood up and I noticed that her hand was still in mine. “You realize that your hands are really, really cold right?”

         “Sorry—“ She tried to wriggle her fingers out of my hand. I kept my hold, not wanting to ever let her go.

         “Hey,” My mouth let out a small chuckle. “You don’t have to pull away.” Nicola’s warm eyes found mine as I squeezed her hand. “Why don’t we go to the café on campus. My treat. I don’t think your roommate would mind.”

          “Probably not.” She gestured to the fountain behind me. Sure enough, a girl with blond hair had her arms draped around some guy whose back was facing us. They were in full lip-lock, completely unaware of everyone around them. I felt a small tug on my arm. “Let’s go, Jack.”


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