Going to the University of Manchester was the best thing that ever happened to me. New school, new friends, and--drama. Although I didn't expect much in college, I was hit with A LOT, because of two boys in particular; Finn and Jack Harries.

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2. Chapter 2


“Come On!” My arm was jerked forcefully into the dorm. “I’ve been waiting all day!” 

     Okay, I had, had enough. I was tired of being pestered. “What the hell do you want?” I shouted at the girl. I immediately regretted it as I saw the girl’s face crumple. She turned and walked away from me, leaving me with my feelings of guilt and despair. I rushed after her to apologize and found her sitting on her bed, fidgeting awkwardly. 

    “Hey, I’m sorry about that little blow up. I usually don’t get mad easily but,” I shrugged. 

    She gave a weak smile. “It’s alright. I guess I shouldn’t have been that annoying. I was just,” Her mouth released a sigh. “excited to finally be here.” She gestured around the room, amazed. “In college!”

    I went to go sit next to her. “I get what your feeling.” Pausing, I bit my lip. “I’m Nicola, by the way.” 

    “Emma.” She leaned forward, standing up. As she did so, her straight blond hair cascaded over her shoulders. Blue eyes sparkling, Emma teased, “Now who was that hunk of gorgeousness out there?” 

   I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. “Oh…” I stammered. “I don’t know.”

  “Yea, sure.”

   I smacked Emma playfully. ” I’m serious.” 

   ”Bet we can find out…” She turned on the heel of her boot and ran out the door. 

  “Emma, no!” I laughed, following her out. 

Finn’s POV  

      I had know words. When her gaze had fallen upon me, I was without words. Those deep brown eyes held something in them, other than just being just a pretty sight. Her dark hair was in loose curls, just the way I liked them. I wanted to just hear her voice once; I expected it to be melodic and beautiful. I don’t think anything in the word could compare to her. The way her hair to the middle of her back. The way her eyes twinkled. The way she looked when she was nervous. 

     ”Someday,” I silently promised myself. “Someday, she’ll be mine.”

Nicola’s POV

     I chased after Emma through the courtyard. Luckily, today was just the day of arrivals, which meant no classes. The last I saw was her turning a corner. 

     ”That’s it.” I muttered to myself. “I’m done.”

     I headed off in the direction of my dorm. My heels clicked the pavement; my mind suddenly thought back to the extraordinarily cute boy. I looked down as my soft curls fell around my face, hiding it. I felt like he and I had a connection. Until the very last second, I didn’t notice someone coming straight at me. We ended up harshly bumping into each other. 

    “Sor-” I began. I sucked my breath in. It was him

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