The Niall Files

19 year old Niall Horan from One Direction has been kidnapped! What happens when the rest of One Direction has to save him? Will they make a friend or two along the way? Find out here!


2. The black mask

Harrys POV: Anyway... Hey look a black mask! Didn't that brittany girl say he got kidnapped by someone with a black mask? I think she did harry, said louis. Louis'sPOV: no! Its Niall's hat! What are we going to do, hold me Harry I'm scared!!! Liam's POV: Louis calm down I'm sure Niall's okay, the best thing we could do right know is just follow the leather trails on the ground. Brittany's POV: You don't have to do that i know exactly where the person took Niall. WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US! Said Harry. I didn't know you wanted to know, sorry. Harrys POV: hey have you guys seen Courtney? I have she got kidnapped bye the same guy thats how i knew where they are. Said Brittany. Louis's POV: WHAT! How do we keep missing things, well Brittany show us where he went. Brittany's POV: well ok he is in that big silver building over here. Oh my gosh how come we didn't see that?! Hey wheres Harry asked Liam? He got kidnapped to! Said Brittany. He got kidnapped a few minutes ago did you not even see him get dragged to the building? Louis's POV: NO how do we keep missing them Liam!?...... Liam..... Liam!!!!!!! No now he is gone to!! This is completely falling apart!!
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