The Niall Files

19 year old Niall Horan from One Direction has been kidnapped! What happens when the rest of One Direction has to save him? Will they make a friend or two along the way? Find out here!


1. Nialls gone!!

Harry's POV: I looked around confused, hey umm Zayn have you seen niall? I looked in his dressing room he wasnt there. So i looked back stage, still no sign of him anywhere! Should i call him on his cell or what? Oh wait his cell is on the table that wont work.Zayn's POV: Two things no i havent seen him, second thats your cell. So you could call him and if he picks up horray!! If he doesnt pick up ohh noo!!!! Louis POV: Hey Harry, Zayn were about to go on. Hey where is Niall? He has his solo in this song thats what everyone wants, listen to the crowd they are yelling Nialls name! Harry's POV: We might have to cancel, we ummm dont feel so good so we gotta go home ok bye!! Zayn we gotta find niall!! Louis POV: wait im comming to help. I over heard you walking out. Harry's POV: Well come on we gotta hurry we cant waste time. I am really going to freak out in a minute. Zayns POV: Harry look theres someone over there mabey they have seen niall! Hey whats your name and have you seen niall? Courtney's POV: Im courtney no i havent seen niall if i did you would find me on the ground but my friend might have seen niall. Brittany's POV: OMG 1D!! I know what your going to ask and yes i saw niall he got captured a few blocks away by some dude in a mask. He had a jacket that said 1DH. I dont know what that means. Zayn's POV: 1DH that can stand for anything it could even mean one direction haters!! So what im trying to say is that could be mr.x!! Brittany's POV: they got Niall ( faints). Harry's POV: ok thats really odd really.
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