Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


2. Chapter Two

Eliana's POV


I woke David up early so we could get away from the house before dad woke up. He already had his bag packed and i stole money from dads wallet, just enough to get on the bus and get the quickest train to Wolverhampton. A million questions were running through my head, what if dad catches us? what if something happens to David? What if- my thoughts were interrupted by David telling me its time to leave, now or never i guess.

We slipped out the front door and ran towards the bus station, we waited about 10 minutes for the bus before it came. When we were getting on i heard someone screaming my name "Eliana you bitch! get you and your brother back here now!" i hurried on the bus and watched as his shadow faded away into the darkness. We arrived at the train station and quickly bought 2 tickets to Wolverhampton. Free at last.

-after arriving-

David and I hopped out of the train and looked around us, we have no family, and no where to go. We walked for at least 2 hours before we found a park, it was getting dark so we both pulled out the blankets we packed wrapped them around ourselves and fell asleep.

-next day in the afternoon-

i'll admit sleeping in a park isn't the most comfortable place, but it worked David looked up to the clouds "I think its gonna rain." he said, and as if on cue rain started pouring down onto us, we put the blankets back in the duffle bags and continued to walk along the sidewalk. We stopped and sat down on the edge of the road, the rain pouring down on us. "Ely..." David said scooting closer to me "Yes?" i asked trying to hold in the tears. "Are we going to be homeless forever?" I looked down at him and kissed his forehead "I may be four years older than you, but i believe we can make it through." He smiled and i heard someone come up in front of us. "Are you guys okay?" a boy said sounding concerned, David and I stood up and looked at him, He was tall, with shaggy dirty blonde/brown hair, he's cute. "We're fine, thanks." I told him holding David closer "Are you sure? if you want you can come inside my place, you're kinda in my driveway." we looked around us and i turned back to him "I'm sorry. We're fine." I said. David looked up at me with pleading eyes, then looked back to the stranger and walked forward "Hi... i'm David... I'm 14, this is Eliana shes 18... but people call her Ely sometimes...." I can't believe what i;m seeing my brother just talked to a stranger, he never talks to people, I am the only person he talks to. "David..." i whispered "Ely please?! its a house! we wont have to sleep in that aweful park again." David hugged my side, tears streaming down his face. "I'm liam" the boy said smileing at us. I nodded my head and we followed him inside. 

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