Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


3. Chapter Three

Liams POV


She's beautiful, but I only just met her so I cant feel anything right now. Her brother seems kinda shy, I wonder if anything is wrong with him, when he talked to me his sister looked shocked that he even acknowledged another humans existence. I led them inside and started to make some hot chocolate, its freezing outside so I turned the heat up a bit. I wonder why they are out here all alone. I finished the hot chocolate and walked into the living room. "If you don't mind me asking, why are you on the street? with bags?" I asked them. Her brother shut his eyes and pretended to go to sleep. Eliana looked at me and started her long story.


Elianas POV


David closed his eyes and pretended to go to sleep, I guess he didn't mind me telling Liam what's going on. I took a deep breath and started. "My father beats me... he's never laid a hand on David, he knows what I will do if he does. My mother... she died of cancer when I was 10 and David was 6 so its been like that ever since. David can barely talk to other people, he's cut himself off from others, other than me. I have no friends, people don't want to be associated with me, I'm graduating this year, but I don't think i'll get to... i'm never going back." I laid a hand on Davids back and rubbed it. "WE are never going back." I whisper to Liam. I look over at him and see the shocked look on his face a tear rolling down his cheek and he leaned towards me and hugged me. I haven't been hugged by anyone else other than David in 8 years. I don't know how to react, Liam rubbed my back as if to comfort me and I smiled. Finally someone else knows.


Liams POV


I cant believe she just told me this, all this has happened to her. I can't let her go back. "You can stay with me, I don't mind." Eliana looked up at me and smiled, her smile is adorable. "Thank you." she said kissing me on the cheek.

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