Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


6. Chapter Six

-One week later-


Elianas POV


David and I have been with Liam now for almost a week and a half, Liam is sweet, caring, and- Mu thoughts were cut off by Liams angelic voice "Hello Love" I smiled "Hello, Liam" I have developed a little bit of an accent but not much for it to be completely noticeable. David stumbled down the stairs "Hello, sleepy head." i said ruffling his hair. He playfully hit my hand away, Liam and I laughed as David walked over to the couch and planted himself on it. "Wanna do something today?" Liam asked stuttering a bit "What you got in mind?" I asked "Umm... well... Diner.. then uhh.. maybe like a-" I smiled and cut him off "Are you asking me out on a date, Liam?" Oh god, i hope he is. "Uh... erm... yeah, i am.." I smiled at his answer "I'd love to! Now what were you saying before?" Liam relaxed and continued "Diner, walk in the park, come back here and watch movies." I nodded. This is going to be amazing. Whenever i'm around Liam i get butterflies, i stutter, and all the words i want to say seem to disappear when i hear his voice, Hes mesmerizing.


Liams POV


Eliana Nodded at my proposal for the date, i must have been glowing with the kind of smile i had on my face. Whenever i'm around her i get all tongue tied, lost in her eyes, and i'm quoting Chris brown aren't i.... crap. 



*Authors Note*

Sorry for the short chapter. <3 
Keep reading, lovelies. 

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