Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


1. Chapter One

Eliana's POV


I opened my eyes to my alarm clock reminding me of another day of torture i had to go through. I got dressed put on my vans and walked across the hall to Davids room, my brother. "David....? are you awake?" i whispered through the door, i heard some mumbling so i opened his door. "Hey sis... i don't think i'm going to school today, i'm not feeling well." David said hiding his face under the covers "You cant hide from people forever, david." i whispered pulling the blanket off his face. "I know... but i really don't feel good, please?" he practically begged me to let him stay home, so i let him.

I walked downstairs and saw dad sitting there reading the morning paper, great, the monster is awake. "Good morning dad." "Good morning Brat." i sighed and grabbed him some coffee. "Where's your brother?" "Upstairs, he's not feeling well so i'm letting him stay in today, thats alright?" I asked pleading my father to agree "Fine, but the brat goes to school tomorrow." I nodded my head, grabbed my bag and walked out into the world that haunts me. The world that i hate. The world i wish i didnt live in.

-after school-


I ran out of the light gray building and down the road until i reached my house again, i have to be home right away, everyday or my dad would kill me. sometimes i think he actually would, but then i remembered... he wouldn't have anyone to make his coffee. 

I opened the door, "Hello you little bitch" My father said with alcohol on his breath "Hello, dad." He looked at his watch, you're 5 minutes late. "I'm sorry, i was tired and didn't run as fast as usual..." I trailed off as a grin grew on the corner of his mouth "Well that's to bad then." He reached his hand up and slapped me across the face, i winced. "David is upstairs." i said tears forming in my eyes "Oh yes, but he's asleep. He doesn't deserve a slut sister like you!" he yelled grabbing my neck and pushing me to the ground, i yelped. He punched me twice, kicked my side, and was about to punch me again when we both heard a sniffle coming fro the stairs. "David, go upstairs." i mouthed, he saw me, burst into tears and ran upstairs for a 14 year old kid he's a lot tougher than you think. My dad turned back to me and punched me one last time then went back to reading his paper and drinking his coffee. This man Sickens me.

I ran up to my room to see David packing a duffle bag with all my things in it. "David.. what are you doing?" i asked him, he jumped, looked and me then the duffle and started crying again. I ran to him and hugged him tight, we both dropped to our knees and cried until neither one of us were capable of crying anymore. "We need to leave, Ely..." He said between sniffles, i nodded my head held him close and whispered in his ear, "Tomorrow".

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