Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


4. Chapter Four

Elianas POV


Liam led us up to two rooms, one for me, one for David. I tucked David in, kissed him on the forehead and walked back downstairs. Liam was standing there, getting some water in his Boxers. "Oh, i'm sorry." I said turning around and walking back upstairs. I heard footsteps and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Its Fine, come back downstairs." Liam said with a husky sleepy voice. NO! I can't fall for this guy, I've just met him. "Oh, okay." I said following him back down. I walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I turned around and Liams face was inches from mine, "Can I help you?" I asked shyly, "Just putting me glass away." he said putting his glass on the counter. "I'm going to sleep, Goodnight, Liam." "Goodnight, Eliana."


-Next Morning-


Elianas POV


I woke up, got dressed and walked across the hall to Davids room. "David, you up yet?" I didn't hear a noise so I walked in, he wasn't there. Where is he?! I heard voices downstairs and saw Liam and David sitting at the table, talking, and eating diner. I heard my name so I stopped at the top of the stairs. "Do you like your breakfast?" Liam asked David "Do you like my sister?" David returned. I froze. "David, I just met you guys yesterday but i'll admit, she is very pretty." I blushed at that comment. "Liam, please. I'm 14 you can say the word 'hot' around me." I covered my giggle. "David, your sister is Beautiful." I blushed even more, took a deep breath and walked downstairs. "Good Morning boys, what we talking about?" I asked smiling "Oh, uh.. nothing." Liam said going back to his food. David gave me the 'you heard everything' look and I winked. "How did you sleep?" Liam asked "Wonderfully, thank you." I replied.


-three hours later-


Liams POV


"Hey, Liam do you have an Xbox?" David asked "Upstairs, fourth door on the left." I replied, he nodded and walked upstairs. I turned to Eliana "wanna watch a movie?" she nodded and we put in Toy Story.

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