Falling for You

Eliana has had a hard life, her father beats her, her mother died of cancer, and her younger brother has cut himself off from others. What will happen when she meets a boy? will he save her life? or will he to, die trying?


5. Chapter Five

Liams POV


she fell asleep on my shoulder, how cute. She's adorable, i know i just met her but seriously... shes amazing. Her brother is really cool, tomorrow i'll invite over Andy and he can meet her, he'll know what to do in this situation. I leaned down and pressed my lips to her forehead, carried her upstairs and set her on the bed to sleep peacefully.


Elianas POV


I felt something soft touch my forehead, but i ignored it and cuddled in closer to the pillow i was resting my head on. I felt myself being lifted off the ground, this isn't a pillow, Its Liam. He carried me all the way upstairs and set me down on a bed, then he left.


-next morning-


Elianas POV


I woke up in a bedroom. The bed is really comfortable! I heard my brother talk to Liam downstairs so i wandered down the staircase and sauntered into the living room. "Good morning, Ely!" said  David. "Good morning" i replied smiling. Liam got up and handed me a plate with some bacon and hash browns on it "Thank you, Liam!" "Your welcome, love." I blushed, i know its normal for people to do that here, but still... its so damn cute! "What are you planning on doing today?" Liam asked turning to me "Uh... nothing, why?" "My best friend Andy is going to come over is that alright?" I nodded my head, i don't particularly like meeting new people. but i'm willing. "I'll go get dressed then.." i whispered. I walked back upstairs and went to my duffle bag in the corner of the room i awoke in. I opened it up and got out a loose fitting mint green, sheer shirt and i put my black ban-do underneath, grabbed some black tight fitting jeans and walked back downstairs. "You look lovely" said liam smiling at me, did he like me? he only met me yesterday .. but i guess i kinda like him to.  "Thank you" i replied shyly. 


-2 hours later-


Liams POV


I heard the doorbell ring, i rushed to it and opened it up to see a rather tall, brown haired Andy standing in front of me. "Hello, mate! Wheres the girl?" He winked at me and i placed my hand on his chest to stop him from going past. "Don't ask her why she's here, don't mention that i have feelings for her, i just met her yesterday." I said Sternly, he just nodded his head and walked past me.


Elianas POV


I was busy talking to David when i heard footsteps behind me, i turned to see a tall, brown haired man. "Hello, the names Andy." He said extending his hand for a shake. I responded with a handshake and said "Hello, i'm-" he cute me off "Eliana, i know." I looked at him shocked that he knew my name."How did you?" "Liam told me your name" I giggled at the thought of Liam talking to his friends about me. "Oh" as all i managed to spit out. Liam came round' the corner smiling his gorgeous smile, "I see you've already gotten acquainted." Liam said pointed at our hands still in mid-shake. Andy and I looked down and laughed placing our hands on our sides. Liam looked jealous, he's cute when he's jealous.


Andys POV


The way Liam looks at her i know he really likes her, and the way she looks at him, she must really like him to. Its nice to see Liams face so happy, sure, he's been "happy" before but this is different, its genuine, its real. 

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