Kidnapped by One direction

Damien Greene never was a perfect girl. She was always bullied until the day was kidnapped by the one and only .........

Please dont judge me. This is my first novella. So no bad comments.


2. Mystery Van

[Damien's POV]
Well, I finally got out of the house today and this is the first I have been outside after school. So, I was just strolling around the neighborhood in Mallingar, Ireland. I was just listening to 'Titanium ' by David Guetta, texting my best friend Bo. I was just wearing a red Polo, grey skinny jeans, green Osiris and a green hoodie. I had my backpack full of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, school books, and other things I would need if I was kidnapped. So, I was just walking down the street when I hear a car. I turn my head and I was being followed by a black van. Soon, I hear 2 guys come walking towards me. I knew what to do so I started to jog when someone began to tug on my backpack. So, I turned around to face him. I punched him in the gut and did a roundhouse kick to his face.
Then, the other guy walked toward his friend and while he was there. I ran and screamed, " You guys will never get me!!" Then, a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes comes towards me and tackles me and we fall to the ground. Up close he was really cute. Wait!! What am I saying!! He tackled me,tied me, and shoved me in the back of the van. If I had more time to attack them, I could've showed them some of my boxing, karate, and wrestling moves but its too late for that
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