Kidnapped by One direction

Damien Greene never was a perfect girl. She was always bullied until the day was kidnapped by the one and only .........

Please dont judge me. This is my first novella. So no bad comments.


1. Intro

Hey... my name is Damien J. Greene. I have brown-green eyes... yes brown and green I know, but I have light brunette hair with blonde and red highlights. I'm 17 years old and I'm 5'0 tall. Yea I'm pretty short. I live with my foster parents, Maria and George. I have foster parents because my mother committed suicide and my father died in an airplane crash. My mother died when I was 4 and my dad died when I was 8 so, I have been living with my foster parents for 9 years now. But on the 3rd year I was with them, my foster mom shot herself because George raped and abused me and mom. So, since her death I have been abused, beaten, raped and pushed around like he would beat me until I was completely bruised to the bone. One time, i almost got alway with being taken away but right before I called the police, George pushed me away from my phone, grabbed the closest knife he had and pierced my flesh with the cold, sharp blade. I screamed for help but after that dreadful piercing , George was nice enough to stop the bleeding and put stitches to close the wound.

  I would be bruised from head to toe because of him. If I was ever kidnapped I would be happy to get out of this living hell. Well, lets move on . Im sorta a fan of One Direction but I have never told anyone except Bo who is my best, and only friend in the world. She is awesome , playful, and adorable. We've been through thick and thin. Well, thats me so i bet I' ll be in this living hell till he dies.

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