Kidnapped by One direction

Damien Greene never was a perfect girl. She was always bullied until the day was kidnapped by the one and only .........

Please dont judge me. This is my first novella. So no bad comments.


4. Hospital Visitors

[Damien' s POV]

After the boy with a buzz cut called the ambulance, I was moaning with pain in my head. Eventually, the ambulance came and put me on the gurney to put me in the ambulance. Right before , I went into the back of the ambulance a few other guy come out from upstairs. They looked pretty shocked that I was being take to the hospital. The blonde haired boy told them something and went to the couch with worried looks on their faces. No one came with me . Which was boring being on a gurney with no one with me.

[Niall's POV]

I told the guys where the girl went and they went to the couch with worried looks on their faces. This wasn't cool. I didn't ask what her name was and she's in the hospital. "Hey guys. I think we should pay her a visit." I said.

"Yeah. I want to go see her." Louis replied. We all went into our rooms and got ready to see her. "Hurry up guys!!!"Liam yelled. We all rushed down the stairs and piled in to the car. I was driving. Liam in the passenger's seat. Zayn, Louis, and Hatry sat in the second row. I was trying to find the nearest hospital near my flat in Mallingar , Ireland. Then, I pull up to the nearest hospital where the ambulance took the girl. so I parked,we walked in and waited.

[Damien' s POV]

I have waited in this hospital bed for 30 minutes until 5 guys come in. The buzz cut, the blonde, the curly, the messy bedhead, and the ski sloped hair. The blonde came and sat right next to me and said, " I'm Niall. What's your name?" I sat there thinking that I know him and the 4 other guys from and it hit me. " You guys are one direction!! I'm sorta a fan.. well my name is....... Damien but my friend calls me DJ" I said. 

" cool name. well this is Zayn. Louis. Liam. And last but not least Harry" niall said pointing to each one of them as he said their names. Niall asked, " why is your name Damien. and your nickname DJ" " Well before I was born my dad and my mom thought I was going to be a boy. so they had the name Damien James Greene picked out. So when I was born , they told the doctor my name and the doctor told them I was a girl and they kept the name the way they wanted it. So I was picked on because of my name . so I wanted to become a DJ/singer because of my nickname and I finally have a friend named Bo Wolfgang who has a guys name too. so we have been through a lot together. so yeah..." I explained. they were shocked and they said in unison that they will help me become a DJ/singer. I was so excited that my dreams were coming true by my ' kidnappers' or I can say my friends.


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