Kidnapped by One direction

Damien Greene never was a perfect girl. She was always bullied until the day was kidnapped by the one and only .........

Please dont judge me. This is my first novella. So no bad comments.


5. Exiting out of here

[Damien' s POV]

It has been an hour since the guys had to leave the hospital and I admit that they stayed pretty long. I really wanted someone to be here with me when I am going through all of these pains in my head. So, I picked up my iPhone and texted Bo to come to the hospital and to room 214. After a couple minutes , Bo comes in and she seemed really worried that I was kidnapped and I was put in the hospital. " Bo, my bro, don't worry about me . I just hit my head and got a little concussion."

"DJ how can I not be be worried!!! Some random people kidnapped you. well I can't worry about being taken away from that living hell you had to put up with. Well tell me ' bout your kidnappers? Were they hot? C' Mon tell me.." Bo eagerly said.

"Well tell that to them because they are right behind you. My ' kidnappers' are the one and only One Direction. " I smirked. Bo looked shocked when she saw them. Niall came over and hugged me and the others followed behind.

[Niall's POV]

Well, when we hugged DJ . she introduce us to her friend and only best friend Bo. When I introduced us to her , she gave Liam a lovely dovey look and I knew she liked him. Well after a couple of minutes of settling in, the doctor said that Damien is allowed to leave later tonight. so the doctor wanted someone who looked like to sign papers that say she is released. so we choose Louis because he had green eyes and looked more like her than Harry did. so Louis signs  the papers and said," I think we should drop her off home " Louis winked to all the guys.

Damien screamed quietly "no!!"as she said that she held her stomach in pain. but what I have noticed was that she never showed us her arms or legs or stomach for pain. but I put it to the side and so I walked over to her and said that we all are going home together. she smiled and quickly walked to the bathroom to change. when she was done changing we all left the hospital and headed to my flat.


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