The Secret Wizard

Rosie, or Rue, is secretly a wizard. Not only does she have to hind it from her family, but her best friends too. Day to day, she practices her skills. In secret, of course. Untill one day her friends start questioning her, and she might have to tell them the truth.


2. Prologue

Once long ago, there was a witch. She wanted to be princess of the Kingdom. She had white long hair with a lot of red streaks. Her skin was tan and smooth. The people thought she was a gift. Her name was-- Rosie Anna Gracie the first. What a weird name for a witch, I know. But nobody knew Rosie was a witch, for she was nice to everyone. Never mean, ever. She did make a lot of mistakes, though. Rosie was still learning, young you might say. Just fifteen years old. Close to the youngest girl in the village. A lot of people called her Rue. That was her not-witch-name! Rue had three friends; Kate, Emma, and Addison. They all knew she wanted to become princess. Rue has one sister: Rachel. Rachel has short red hair with tan smooth skin. Eventhough Rue is a witch, she is not. Two years older than Rue, Rachel is seventeen. Rue has one brother named Nick. He has short, thin, blonde hair. A smart little boy he is, and he's only five years old. Rue and her family were very rich. But Rue had chores and discipline like any other teenage girl does. They lived in a big house, three stories high! Not to mention the five people that worked for them.

Now, I am going to tell you how Rue became a witch. She was cursed. By another which, of course. It was just another day at school. As usual, she was late. Out of nowhere, a witch popped up, and cursed her. Then gave her a guide box, and left. Without saying a word.

Rue has been reading the book whenever she can. She even found a trainee wand in it. So  she's trying it out. It's working out pretty good for her, right now. So far, she uses one to two spells a day. She's more like a wizard than a witch, I'd say. She doesn't even know she's a witch, but there's nothing she can do about it. She's bound to find out. The wand makes it a little confusing. Not to mention, the book title is Beginner/Trainee Wizard/Fairy/Witch. The only reason she thinks she's a wizard is because she can use the wand and all the stuff, so far, in the wizard section. Maybe she can change her fate, because the fairy/witch stuff isn't going so well.

The one spell she uses everyday is making herself on time to class. Things, like, that. Here is my story.

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