On the Double

Leena and Candace are the closest twin sisters that you could find, even though they are completely different. Candace likes One Direction, Leena likes Muse. But what happens when Candace gets two tickets for a One Direction concert, specifically for her and her sister? What will happen to their sibling bond when Leena starts take interest in Candace's world-famous ex? Most importantly, will Leena ever forgive Candace for what she did to her in the past?

This is my first movella, so tell me what you think! XD


3. The Concert

Jenna's P.O.V.:


We were sitting down patiently, waiting for the concert to start. The whole stadium seemed to be under an eerie awkwardness as the lights dimmed. The crowd, excluding me and Candace, stood up, hands in the air, knowing that the concert was about to start. The boys of the band walked out, slowly, cautiously, knowing that the crowd was about to erupt in hoops and hollers. Liam put his hands over his ears, and the crowd did exactly what was expected. The high-pitched screams echoed through the giant place as all of the boys walked onto the stage. Candace and I rose to our feet, screaming like maniacs. I couldn't wait for them to start singing, their voices sounded so beautiful together. My favorite voice out of the band, though, was Niall's. He had an accent that was somewhat similar to mine, which came out in his singing. His hair was blonde, but underneath his blonde were his natural brunette roots. I loved how cute he was. His eyes were a lighter blue than mine, and they sparkled like jewels in the sun. I would always want to meet him, and i had wished for this ever since his appearance on the X-Factor. He just seemed like a naturally fun person to be around, and I loved how he always had the munchies. The song finished, and they started to read some tweets. I thought about Niall, ignoring the tweets that they read and complied to. Then, I immediately snapped out of my trance, horrified at the fact that my tweet had appeared on the screen. My picture on the tweet was an image of me in an adventure time snapback, smiling at the camera. It was a pretty good picture of me, but it was embarrassing at the same time. Niall turned to the crowd, and said into the microphone, "She's quite fit." I couldn't believe it. Niall James Horan just called me fit. My heart stopped. I screamed out, as loud as I could, knowing I would possibly get jumped in the parking lot, "THANK YOU, I TRY SO HARD!" The boys turned and looked in my direction, smiling at me wildly. Niall said,"Your welcome, miss. I would love to see you after the concert." I nodded, and the next tweet rolled onto the screen. I noticed many girls glaring at me all around the stadium. One cursed at me, but i waved it off, giggling like a child. Niall wanted to see me after the concert. Niall wanted to see me. Throughout the rest of the concert, I noticed Niall glance at me, and smile. I smiled back, not really knowing what to do. The concert ended quickly, and Niall jumped off of the stage, and walked over to me. My sister turned to me, grabbed my arms, and smiled like mad. Then, my shoulder was lightly tapped. I turned to see two crystal blue eyes staring down at me. He smiled, which made me smile in return. I greeted him, my scotish accent very prominent. His eyebrows raised. "Scotish, huh?" he inquired. I nodded, blushing. "Follow me," he said, holding out his hand, waiting for me to take it. I gladly took his hand, and he pulled me backstage. This was going to be fun.

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