On the Double

Leena and Candace are the closest twin sisters that you could find, even though they are completely different. Candace likes One Direction, Leena likes Muse. But what happens when Candace gets two tickets for a One Direction concert, specifically for her and her sister? What will happen to their sibling bond when Leena starts take interest in Candace's world-famous ex? Most importantly, will Leena ever forgive Candace for what she did to her in the past?

This is my first movella, so tell me what you think! XD


6. Realizations and Backgrounds

Niall's P.O.V:

I liked her. I really fancied her more than any other girl I had met before. She was different, more outgoing, more than just a pretty face. I loved her Scottish accent, it was pretty hot. I decided to take her to the back, let her meet the boys. Harry would probably flirt with her, Zayn would give her the sexy face, then laugh. When we got to the room, I announced our arrival. She greeted all the boys, but stopped when she got to Harry. She mimbled something under her breath, as did Harry. She screamed at him, I can't remember her exact words. He ran out of the room, and Leena fell to her knees. She sobbed into her shoulder. I looked over at the rest of the boys, they had wide eyes, and their jaws hung low. I was astonished. What just happened? Did Harry know her, and something went terribly wrong between them? I wanted to know. But, I knew, now was not the time to be bothering her about her past. I got down on the floor next to her, and wrapped my arms around her. She flinched, but realized it was me, and nuzzled into my chest, sobbing ev en harder now. I squeezed her to me, holdong her in her time of need. She slowly stopped crying, and finally got up and told us to listen closely. She told us the story about Harry and her twin sister dating, how he beat her regularly. I never knoew he could be so violent. What would happen now?

Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter, next one will be longer, I promise! Happy v-day! I am forever alone today. If you want to be in the story, I need to know your height, hair color, eye color, general size of shoe, some of your fav things, and which bandmate is your favorite! I will pick two people to be in the story! Good luck!
Miss Rainicorn of the Century
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