On the Double

Leena and Candace are the closest twin sisters that you could find, even though they are completely different. Candace likes One Direction, Leena likes Muse. But what happens when Candace gets two tickets for a One Direction concert, specifically for her and her sister? What will happen to their sibling bond when Leena starts take interest in Candace's world-famous ex? Most importantly, will Leena ever forgive Candace for what she did to her in the past?

This is my first movella, so tell me what you think! XD


1. Prologue

Leena's P.O.V.:

My name is Leena Kay O'Farley. I'm from Scotland. I have dark red hair, as ginger as you could possibly get. I have dark, ocean blue eyes. I also have a twin sister, Candace Briana O' Farley. We may look alike, but we have almost nothing in common. I like Muse, she likes Justin Beiber. Or, as me and my friends call him, Justin Beaver. I wear snapbacks, she wears beanies. She is one of the most popular girls in school, I am not quite as popular. I keep a diary of all of the things that happen in my life, or the lives of my favorite british boy band, One Direction. My past wasn't exactly what you might call clean. This is the story of my life, in depth, and everything out in the open to see.

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