On the Double

Leena and Candace are the closest twin sisters that you could find, even though they are completely different. Candace likes One Direction, Leena likes Muse. But what happens when Candace gets two tickets for a One Direction concert, specifically for her and her sister? What will happen to their sibling bond when Leena starts take interest in Candace's world-famous ex? Most importantly, will Leena ever forgive Candace for what she did to her in the past?

This is my first movella, so tell me what you think! XD


5. Figuring it Out

Harry's P.O.V.:

As we finished the concert, I couldn't help but think about the girl Niall wanted to bring backstage and talk to. She looked so familiar, as if she was an old friend. Then, my train of thought barreled into me full blast. It was her sister. The sister of the girl I dated a few years ago, the obe who said she had a twin sister. It all clicked in my mind. Then, as fast as the realization came, so did the guilt. The girl I remembered was the girl I took my anger out on. The girl that I was thinking of was the one I had driven home many times with a limp, bruises, and sometimes even blood. I thought of how much of a monster I was then. I beat that beautiful girl, the girl I so loved and cherished. She abstained from telling her family for a long time. I couldn't hold it in her forever, though, and one day, she told me that as soon as she got home, she would tell her family. I was surprised she hadn't told already, but then remembered how much she loved me. I loved her just as much, but my anger issues stifled the love, and it came out as hatred. I hated myself for ever doing that to hee. I knew her sister, the twin she talked highly of, would come after me as soon as she told her. So, being the coward I was, I ran. I abandoned my home and fled from the beautiful town in which I spent my vacations. I didn't know what to do, I was so scared, fearing for the worst. My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. Niall came in, said something, and ushered in the girl I had run from years ago. I stared at her. She greeted us all, one by one, me last. She looked at me suspiciously, like she was wondering why I was hiding my face from her view. "H-h-harry?" She stuttered, a tear rolling down her face. I turned to her. I was scared to death at that moment. She started screaming at me, I don't kmow what she said. I just focused on my escape from this room. I ran out. I could hear her wailing back on the room. What could I possibly do to apologize to her, and hee sister?
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