On the Double

Leena and Candace are the closest twin sisters that you could find, even though they are completely different. Candace likes One Direction, Leena likes Muse. But what happens when Candace gets two tickets for a One Direction concert, specifically for her and her sister? What will happen to their sibling bond when Leena starts take interest in Candace's world-famous ex? Most importantly, will Leena ever forgive Candace for what she did to her in the past?

This is my first movella, so tell me what you think! XD


2. Big News

Leena's P.O.V.:


I was in my room, listening to a song from the new Muse album. My favorite song out of the whole album was Supremacy, which I had listened to, now, about 3 times in a row. I was about to switch to the next song, but I changed my mind, and kept listening to the eerie beat of the drums in the background of the song. I knew all of the words by now, and was singing in my head. Before I had even started the chorus, the door to my room burst open, revealing my twin sister, Candace, dressed in a pink dress, pink pumps, and, of course, a little tube of pink lip gloss in hand, as usual. I was used to the dress, heels, and lip gloss. But, today, one thing was different. She had taken her perfect red hair, and dyed it to a sickly sweet blonde. "What did you do to your hair?!" I had practically screamed that in her face, to which she gave me a look of pure madness. She looked overjoyed at how unhappy I was. Then she started laughing uncontrollably. She could barely breathe because of how she was laughing. Then, she leaned over, and grabbed her hair, which she pulled off of her head, showing her beautiful red curls once again. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that a terrible blonde wig lay on my floor. I picked it up, and started laughing. We were now laughing at the same time, holding onto eachother for support to stand up. She sat on my bed, and pulled two pieces of paper out of her pocket. She motioned for me to come over to the bed, which i replied to quickly. I sat down next to her, and grabbed one of the pieces of paper from her hand. I smiled widely, my eyes looking as if they might pop out of my head. She looked at me, and waited for me to reply. I jumped up, and danced around in the spot where I stood. " I'll take that as a yes, then," she said, happily smiling up at me. Finally, I would get to see the biggest boy band in the world, one of my favorite bands over all, One Direction! The tickets were for the front row, which was enormously big news. The concert was at 8 tonight, which didn't give me much time to get ready. I rushed to the bathroom and quickly took a shower. I put on minimal makeup, because I knew about how the boys didn't really like girls with tons of makeup. I changed into my One Direction shirt, and put on my cute new red shorts. I looked in the mirror at my reflection. I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I slipped on my white converse, and decided that, since my hair was looking pretty flat, I would put it into a french braid. The only problem, however, was that i was terrible at braiding anything, especially hair. I called Candace into my room, because I knew that she was the hair braiding master. She rushed in, and I took in her outfit, and general look for the night. She had on a Union Jack blouse, and white shorts. She also had a pair of One Direction high tops, and a red sparkle beanie. I told her I wanted her to french braid my hair, which she did gladly, and took about 10 minutes to finish up my hair. At about 6, we left the house, and decided to go to Starbucks on the way. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha, extra whip, and she ordered a Caramel Brulee Latte. As we drank our coffee, we got into the parking lot next to the stadium where they were going to perform. I couldn't wait for the concert to start. We were allowed to go to our seats, which took a few minutes to actually get to. We sat down in our seats, and patiently waited for the concert to start. Just 30 more minutes until the concert would begin. Here we go.

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